I never knew that my blog would get so much traffic just because I wrote about my daughter’s experience with David Archuleta last Saturday.  Mine is a simple blog.  I write about our family and our experiences.  Family is most important to me.  Because we are a blended family with seven kids, six who happen to be teenagers, we create some interest from those searching for camaraderie in dealing with their own blended families.  But, I have never received the traffic to my blog like I did on January 28.

My post, “Still Just David”, received 793 hits and was posted on several David Archuleta fan sites (I never even knew there were so many David Archuleta fan sites!).  My previous highest post had received 108 hits on a day back in August.  793 hits blows that previous post out of the water.  My highest viewed writing over-all (until the David post) has been “A Peek Inside the Kastle,” which isn’t a post, but a page describing our family.  It has received 431 total hits.  My highest viewed post (again, before the David post) has been “Letter for Mom,” with 273 hits.

My purpose in starting my blog almost a year ago was to reach out to other step-families and any others who desire to promote the importance of family life.  If I come across any great ideas that pertain to families I like to share them here on my blog.  All of the attention received from my post about David Archuleta has gotten me thinking.  What would happen if I mentioned David Archuleta in all of my posts????  David could help me spread the message of family to so many more people than I have been able to so far.

Think about it.

If I am dispensing advice about building a stronger relationship with your biological kids who happen to be struggling with the whole blended family concept as I did in my post, “For Michelle,” I could say something like, “Make sure to spend one-on-one time with each of your kids, just as David Archuleta fans would each love to spend some one-on-one time with him.”

Or, if I am sharing ideas for teacher gifts to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day like I did in my post, “Teacher Appreciation Day,” I could say something like, “David Archuleta loves books, so buy the teacher a supply of books for his/her classroom.”  (I have no idea if David Archuleta loves books, but I’ve got a 50-50 chance here.)

Or, if I am posing a question about love and commitment in marriage as I did in my post, “Love and Commitment,” I could ask, “Does David Archuleta think love or commitment is more important in a relationship?”

The more I mention David Archuleta in a post, the more traffic it will get.  And if I bold David Archuleta every time I type it, maybe that will generate even more traffic.

I dunno…it’s a strategy worth exploring!