Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day.  Many choose to show their appreciation to the teachers in their lives by giving gifts.  Although the usual mugs and signs that say “#1 Teacher!” are nice, they can start to take up alot of space on a teacher’s desk.  Maybe some of these ideas will work for a teacher you wish to thank:

*Find out the teacher’s favorite charity and make a donation.

*Often teachers pay for certain supplies out of their own pockets.  Make things a little easier on a teacher by providing a supply of items for the classroom.  Some suggestions:  glue sticks, tape, construction paper, poster board, tissues, hand sanitizer, etc.

*Volunteer your time in the classroom.  Sort papers.  Take down or put up a bulletin board.  Read to the kids.  Correct papers.  Tell the teacher you are at his/her disposal.

*Let the teacher be pampered.  Give bath soaps, bubble bath, lotion, a manicure set, body spray, etc.

*Give a gift card to a book store.

*Buy a supply of books to add to the classroom library.

*Give a subscription to a favorite magazine.

*Movie passes and/or gift cards to local restaurants are always appreciated.

*A gift card to a boutique.

*Give the teacher’s favorite candy bar or soda.

*Have your child make a card.

*Sudoku puzzles.  Crosswords.

*Educational games for the classroom.

*Have your child personalize a pencil/pen holder.

*Have the class secretly make a scrapbook of the year’s activities.

*Post a big thank you sign that the class members can each sign.

*Give a plant.  Give flowers.

*Food prices are soaring.  Give a gift card to a local grocery store.

*Write a letter of appreciation for all the teacher has done for your child.

The ideas are limitless.  Teaching can sometimes feel like a thankless job.  Why not take the time this week to thank the teachers in your kids’ lives.  Even if your kids are out of school, or you homeschool your kids, isn’t there a teacher that touched your life for good?  Maybe now would be a good time to look that teacher up and let them know they made an impact on your life.  They made a difference.