I won this award!
I won this award!

 Elaine over at Looking For George decided to pass this award on to me.  I’m touched, I’m thrilled, I’m stressed and confused…I received an award back in September and it took me FOREVER  to figure out how to put the award image in my sidebar (okay, I never really figured out how to do it, my husband did it).  Maybe I can talk Hub into helping me again this time.  Anyway, Elaine’s blog is one of my favorites, but since she tagged me with this award I can’t “re-gift” it back to her.  I am linking back to her though, so that you, too, can read her posts about her family life, home improvements, her thoughts on Twilight, and many other funny and thought provoking posts.

The rules are as follows:

1.  Link back to the person who gave you the award

2.  Pass the award on to five other blogs that you think are FABULOUS.

3.  List 5 of your FABULOUS addictions. 

My choices for this award consist of bloggers who have given me suggestions and/or ideas either here on my blog, or in posts on their own blogs.

#1 – MJ from Note To Self left me this wonderful idea in the comment section of this recent post:

I thought of you today. On my police wives forum, we were discussing swing shifts and how to keep the family together when you are all rushing about on different schedules (like my fiance works nights, and I work days, and we pass each other on the way). One woman had a great idea to have a conversation book, where she and her daughter write notes to her daddy about their day. And then when he comes home early in the morning, he writes a response in it before hitting the hay. That way in some small way, they get to be a part of each others lives until they can really be together on the weekend. Plus, I thought, what a great keepsake!

I dunno, it just sounded like something you would have suggested.

What a great idea!  And yes, that “conversation book” will be a great keepsake.  I journal for each of my kids on a regular basis and they enjoy occasionally reading their journals and reminiscing about the things I have written, but I think I like this idea of having a notebook or journal that sits on our kitchen counter and having each member of our blended family jot down whatever they want as they come and go.  I think we are going to try it!

#2 – Carol at Write At Home left me this idea in my post about having a week of free activities with my kids:

Have you ever tried letterboxing? I’ve only done in once when we were visiting family in New York, but it is fun. It’s kind of like a treasure hunt, and it’s basically free. To learn more about it and find out if there are any letterboxes in your area, check out this website.


I have never tried letterboxing, but I have read about it and think it sounds like a fun activity for a family with lots of teenagers (like our family).  We will be taking a road trip this June and I think I will do some research to see if there are any letterboxes located along our route.

#3 – K. Trainor at Today’s Musings left me this suggestion in the same “week of free” post mentioned above:

A week of free–what a neat idea.
My dd’s and I enjoy cemeteries, too. We go to findagrave.com where relatives and friends can request a photo of a loved one’s gravesite. We check local requests, then head off to take a digital photo if we can find the stone. We upload it to the site, so it’s free for everyone (except the cost of gas, of course.)

I know it sounds a little creepy, but it feels like a good deed. The girls and I are always respectful in the cemeteries, and stay away from mourners who of course need their privacy. It means a great deal to family members who live out of state, and we’ve gotten some beautiful thank you emails.

Just another ‘free’ idea for ya! )

This one I had never heard of before, but I like the idea.  What a great way to help kids serve others in a unique way.  I haven’t visited the website yet, but when I do I am going to check to see if it is a way youth groups can do a service.  If it will work, I am going to suggest it to the youth leaders of our ward.

#4 – Morocco over at Full Moon recently posted a meme that sounded fun and easy (I’m all about easy!).  All you have to do is go to the 4th picture folder on your computer and post the 4th picture in the folder on your blog and write an explanation of the picture.  I decided to give it a try:


The 4th picture in the 4th folder on my computer is of a squirrel raiding the bird feeder at my parents’ cabin.  I took the picture on a visit to the cabin last summer.

#5 – Kemi over atKemi Like Chemistry posted this great craft idea on her blog last year.  She did it as an Enrichment Night activity for her LDS ward.  Like she stated there, these cute soap bottles would make great Mother’s Day gifts.  I think they would be great as a gift for any occasion!

The rules of this FABULOUS award don’t state that you have to have received great ideas from those you choose to give the award to; I just used the ideas as a way to narrow my choices down.  I read so many fabulous blogs that it would have been overwhelming to try to choose from all of them.  The five I have chosen here have given me ideas that I had intended to post about at some future time on my blog.  Receiving this award has given me the opportunity to post about them all in one post!  It’s kind of like bloggy multi-tasking!  🙂

Do make sure you visit each of the blogs listed above.  You will be uplifted, get to laugh, be made to think, or learn something new…maybe even all of the above!

Now, for my five addictions…Um, I don’t really have any addictions, but there are a few things I like to do on a regular basis:

1.  I like to blog.  Posting.  Reading the blogs of others.  Sharing the quirks of my blended family for all the world to read.  I started blogging a year ago this month and it has become something I really enjoy doing.  I try to post as regularly as I can.  Keeping up with all the blogs I like is becoming quite a chore though…so many, and so little time!

2.  I like wasabi.  I had never had sushi before I met Hub.  He introduced it to me while we were dating, and at first I thought it was so-so.  But as we have continued to have it, I have tried different types and have really come to love the flavor of wasabi.  I even have wasabi cravings now.  Hub found a tube of wasabi at the grocery store and bought it for me.  The problem is that we rarely have sushi in the house.  So, to get my wasabi fix, I open a can of salmon and eat the entire can with wasabi.  I know, I know, most people that I tell this to think it’s gross. 

3.  During the winter months I like to have a cup of hot cocoa while I watch the evening news.  Every night.  If it’s cold.  The cocoa has to be ready by 10:00 p.m.

4.  I don’t like to eat my lunch unless I can be reading the newspaper at the same time.  I can make an exception if I am on a lunch date with Hub, but if I am home I really want the paper in front of me while I eat.  I even make sure to bring the paper with me on the days I teach art at the elementary school so that I can have it with me on my lunch break.

5.  I like to read.  I will read anything I can get my hands on.  Fiction, non-fiction, it doesn’t matter.  The problem is that if I am reading a really good book I can get lost in it and tune everything else out.  Once, when I was a teenager, the neighbor’s house caught on fire.  I was so involved in the book I was reading that it took me a few minutes before I heard my mom yelling for someone to call the fire department.  I have to be careful about the times I choose to read so that I don’t miss anything important.

Have a FABULOUS day!