Random thoughts to say thanks…

Thank you for teaching me to pray.  Your advice to “just say a little prayer” whenever I was seeking answers, going through a difficult time, or simply taking a tough test taught me faith and trust in the Lord.

Thank you for teaching the importance of family.  Our monthly dinners, holiday gatherings, and other family traditions have helped our family remain close.  Silly videos, halloween parties, goofy games, “dollar” gifts and all the rest have added to my kids’ childhood memories.  They value the relationships they have with their extended family members and have learned many things from their aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. 

Thank you for showing support.  Whether it is encouraging me or my kids in our interests, sending cards of congratulations or showing up for sports events and dance recitals, your support has always been there.   

Thank you for listening and understanding when I call you with a problem.  Thank you for calmly giving advice.  Thanks for encouraging me when I cry and saying things that build my self-esteem.

Thank you for giving me life.  After experiencing morning sickness and labor four times I am amazed and in awe that you did it eight times.  And, even though I really wanted a pony ;-), thank you for giving me siblings instead.  The friendships developed with my sisters and brothers are some I value the most.

Thank you for being there when I went through my divorce.  Calling up and checking on me meant alot.  Finding help when I was having car problems, sending food our way, talking to others who had been through a divorce and passing along their advice all helped and was appreciated.

Thank you for exhibiting patience.  Thank you for not condemning me whenever I was acting less than lovable.  Thank you for exemplifying what the words “unconditional love” really mean.  Thank you for always forgiving.

Thank you for trying to teach me how to cook and how to sew.  Thank you for not pushing me when I showed no interest in such domestic activities.  Thank you for willingly sharing recipes now that I am finally interested in spending some time in the kitchen. 

Thank you for putting up with all the teasing sent your way as you try to learn the mystery of computers and how to navigate the family website.  It teaches my kids a willingness to learn new things and the ability to laugh at themselves.  Thank you for not taking yourself too seriously–something I need to work on.

Thank you for all the handmade gifts sent our way.  The afghans, especially, will become treasured family heirlooms in the homes of my children.  Thank you for all the random “just because” gifts.

Thank you for the past “cousin days” that allowed the kids to get together with their cousins and us moms to have a break.  Thank you for all the times you babysat when the kids were younger.

Thank you for all your prayers in our behalf. 

Thank you for showing me that the job of “Mom” doesnt end.  Ever.

Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for being my mom.

I love you.