Ever heard of  “slurping” your blog? I first read the term on a website I was using to create a family photo book of one of our vacations.  Apparently that website (and others) can “slurp” your entire blog into a hardbound book.  Because this blog is one of a few ways I use to journal our blended family’s escapades, I haven’t ruled out “slurping” it one day.  And so, since I am so far behind on posting, I figure I’d better include an update on each family member.  (The idea for this post also MIGHT have come about because I had a “senior moment” and forgot to pack my laptop–which has all of my pictures for future posts stored on it–for our return trip from Phoenix, thus requiring it to be shipped home.  Sheesh!  Since I can’t post any pics of past happenings yet, I will simply type a quick update of our family members).

Hub – Continues to be swamped with work, which is a good problem to have.  He has our garden planted and has even started to plant lone vegetables in other areas of the yard previously reserved for flowers.  I fear we will have an overabundance of fresh vegetables this year!

Kweenmama – I will start my second year of graduate school on Tuesday.  I finished my first year with a 4.0 gpa.  This summer is going to be crazy with school, kid happenings, family gatherings, a family vacation, and girls camp and youth conference with my church calling.  I am going to need a vacation from my summer vacation!

Squid – Has been accepted into the honors program at his university and will be moving into the honors dorms this fall.  He works as a peer adviser at the school, sometimes practices with the rugby team, and has rediscovered girls. 🙂

Huh – Has her own apartment in Phoenix, complete with a resident scorpion on her patio! (Ick)  She is looking at programs to get certified as a personal trainer.  Once she is certified and working as a personal trainer she will use the money earned to complete her degree in physical therapy.  She has a boyfriend (on this blog he will be called Rushing) who has an 18 month old son whom I met for the first time when Mack and I went to Phoenix over Memorial weekend.  Darling kid.  For blogging purposes he will be called Oh.

Juju – Recently moved into a house her mother bought specifically for Juju and the mother’s sister to live in.  She attends the local community college and is “between” jobs.

Mack – Found a design program at a local art institute and began classes in January.  If she stays on track, she will have her bachelor’s degree in fashion design in three years.  She works at a local ice cream shop and currently lives at home, but has set a goal to have her own apartment by November.  She has a boyfriend who is finishing up a degree in sports communication (or something like that).  For blogging purposes he will be called Wizard.

Shroom – Will graduate from high school this Tuesday.  He works at our local mall and plans on attending a university south of us in the fall.  It is within commuting distance so he is still deciding on whether or not he will live at home or seek housing at the school.  He is very much into mountain biking and video games right now.

Hoob – Is just completing her junior year of high school.  She has been chosen to be the President of the art club next year and is enrolled in the AP art class.  She has a busy summer ahead of her that consists of working part-time as a nanny, attending a week-long leadership camp, visiting her father in Phoenix for a week and a half, and attending girls camp and youth conference with our church.

Yawlin – Is completing the 6th grade.  It makes me sad to know I no longer have any kids in elementary school.  😦  He wants me to sign him up for tennis lessons and volleyball for the summer.  He also will be going to visit his father for a week and a half and will attend a week-long scout camp.

Momo – Our foreign exchange student from Japan has been staying with us since July and will return to Japan on June 27.  It will be hard for all of us to see her go, but especially hard for Hoob because the two of them hit it off from the start and have become quite close.  Momo has enjoyed her stay in the U.S. and talks about returning for university studies after she completes her senior year of high school in Japan.

Max (the dog) – Is still fat and lazy…and grouchy at times.

Okay, one more “task” completed.

Now I am going to go “slurp” a breakfast smoothie.