Some random vignettes of the last day of school here:

*Me making french toast for breakfast.  Hearing, “Yum!” from various family members as they stick their heads around the corner to see what is for breakfast.  Burning the last piece because I sat down to eat and forgot about it.

*Hub quickly ironing Squid’s graduation gown because Squid left it lying on the floor after parading around in it all afternoon yesterday.  Hearing Huh say, “Aw, aren’t you the nice dad to iron for your son?”  And me saying, “She says that because she knows her mean mom (me) would have told her to iron it herself if she had left her graduation gown (or any article of clothing) lying on the floor.”  Hearing Hub laugh as he continues to iron.

*Sympathetically listening to Yawlin complain that he still has the rest of June to be in school.  He thinks year-round school stinks.  Making sure he has brushed his teeth before sending him out the door to school.

*Seeing Mack show off the outfit she has chosen to wear to 9th grade Lagoon day (a local amusement park).  9th graders received their yearbooks yesterday because they get to go to the amusement park today.  Mack laughingly reminds me how she greeted me yesterday as I walked in the door.  “Wanna see my face?” she’d asked, holding out her yearbook.

*Hoob heading out the door to join friends as they head away from the school and toward Einstein’s Bagels.  Yearbooks don’t get passed out until 5th period, so why get to the school before then?

*Squid running out the door wearing his cap and gown.  Before he can jump in his friend’s car I holler, “Seat belt!”  Squid says, “I will.”  I’m not done though.  I holler, “You tell “P” to wear his too!”  Squid says, “I know, that kid, he never wears it!”  Hmmm, sounds like I need to give “P” my seat belt lecture.

*Huh borrowing my car to go to the high school to get her yearbook.  She doesn’t plan on staying long.  She and friends have plans to see a movie.  She says she’ll get people to sign her book later.

*Leaving the house with Hub, Juju, and Shroom twenty minutes later than we should have to get to Squid’s graduation.  Hub driving faster than he usually does and calling his parents at the same time telling them to save us a spot.  Me turning to Juju and Shroom in the back seat and saying, “Seat belts!”   

*Sitting through graduation rites for the nearly 800 member class of 2008.  I get through exactly half of my magazine.  My mother-in-law is able to finish five crossword puzzles.

*Congratulating Squid on the lawn after the ceremony.  Being invited by my mother-in-law to join my husband and step kids in a picture together after being snubbed by Hub’s ex as she took pictures of everyone else.  Feeling very grateful for my mother-in-law.

*Returning home after the graduation ceremony to find Hoob and six friends sitting in our kitchen eating ice cream.  They haven’t made it to the school yet.  It’s not 5th period.  They tell us about the close call they had after leaving Einstein’s Bagels.  A police officer had pulled up and nabbed a group of kids for truancy.  They’d just missed it.  They’ve decided our house is the perfect place to hide out because it is across the street from the school.

*Telling Hoob and her friends that the caller ID shows that the school called at exactly 9:39 a.m. and that it is a good thing I hadn’t been home at the time because I would have told the school the truth.  Seeing the eyes of all the girls grow to the size of saucers as that bit of information sinks in.  “You mean you wouldn’t have covered for your daughter?”  I shake my head, “nope.”  The girls go into the back yard and in a matter of a few minutes they sneak out the side gate and head toward the school.

*Sitting down to type this post and looking out the window in time to see three Jr. high boys running down the street as fast as they can toward the school.  They keep looking around to make sure there are no police officers around.

*In seven minutes I leave to go do my afternoon crossing and bring Yawlin home from school.  Tonight he will be the only one to have homework.  He really thinks year-round school stinks.  Later tonight I will get to look through yearbooks with my kids and hear about the adventures of the day. 

Thus ends our 2007-2008 school year.  And so begins our summer break.