Our 4th of July weekend included SNOW…

The snow was a short 20 minute drive from the cabin.  Lest you think the snow was the only sight at the cabin…

It was a great weekend!  And we made sure to remember the reason for the holiday…

“I’ve lived in this state for all of my 65 years, and I can’t believe I never came here before this.”

So said my dad while experiencing Moab this past weekend for the first time ever.  Hub and I took my parents on some ATV trails and hiking in Arches National Park.  They wished we were staying longer than just a weekend.

Here are a few images from our Moab excursion over Halloween weekend:

OctoberMoab 104

Colorado River

OctoberMoab 042

Hub walking out for a "Photo Op."

OctoberMoab 182

Dad taking a picture of Delicate Arch

OctoberMoab 229

Hiking back down after seeing Delicate Arch.

OctoberMoab 140


Isn’t it amazing how we sometimes don’t appreciate what is in our own backyard?


Part of divorce means sharing the kids with your ex-spouse at times you would rather have them all to yourself.  Such is the case this weekend.   Halloween isn’t one of the standard “holidays” that divorced couples take turns having the kids on, but because Halloween falls on a weekend this year, and because our kids visit their “other” parents every other weekend, our kids are not scheduled to be with us this Halloween. 

Sooooo, since the kids will be gone and I won’t get to see them dressed up in their costumes as they head out to Halloween activities with their friends, and since opening the door to trick-or-treaters doesn’t seem as fun without my kids being around, and since it doesn’t take much of an excuse to get us to go…Hub and I are going to Moab for the weekend.

We are going to take my parents with us because they have never been to Moab before and, dang it, it is about time they went!  My parents are hauling their atv’s down and we are going to show them some of the trails.  We will also be hiking in Arches National Park.  I will have my camera and so will post pics soon!

Happy Halloween!


 1.  School started! 

2.  And because school started I baked cookies according to tradition.  The home baked scent of applesauce chocolate chip cookies was heavenly.

3.  Mack informed me that we needed to pick up one of the girls from the neighborhood at exactly 6:55 a.m.  When I asked why we were picking her up, and especially that early, Mack told me that she’d promised to help the girl learn her way around the high school.  [A bit of history here:  The girl is extremely shy, is new to the school, and lost her father 18 months ago to cancer.]  Yes, I am proud of my daughter for reaching out and helping another.

4.  Remember Ryan?  We met him on our trip to Florida last summer.  We have kept in touch with him for the past year, continually inviting him out to Utah.  He finally took us up on our offer and is flying out today to spend the weekend with us in Moab. 

Yesterday Hub shot Ryan an email telling him that we were sorry, but would have to cancel the trip because we didn’t think Ryan was going to have enough fun.  He ended with a smiley face [ 🙂 ].  The first part of Hub’s statement startled Ryan–picture him thinking about his air fare and hotel cost for tonight–and then he finished reading the statement and realized Hub was teasing him.  🙂  Ryan gets in this afternoon, plans on seeing a little of SLC on his own, and then will join us tomorrow morning as we get ready to head to Moab as soon as the kids get out of school.  Everyone is looking forward to seeing our Florida friend again.

5.  Have you ever discovered a random picture saved on your camera?  A picture that you didn’t take?  That happened to me yesterday.  Obviously the picture was taken by one of the kids, though I have no idea which one. 

misc 142

Yeah, yesterday was a pretty good day. 

I have a gazillion things to accomplish before we head to Moab.  Enjoy your weekend!

A few images from our cabin trip this weekend:

One view along the new fence Dad built.

One view along the new fence Dad built.


The flag pole dad made out of a tree.

The flag pole dad made out of a tree.


Kids along the fence.

Kids along the fence.


It rained for most of the weekend, which meant that it was also chilly.  It’s been a long winter in the High Uinta Mountains, so the quaking aspens didn’t have leaves yet.  There were 23 people sharing one bathroom.  And yet with all of that, it was a great weekend!  Some of the highlights:

*Allowing Huh to drive the entire way to the cabin and then back again when the weekend was over…and we didn’t die

*Going with Mack on a drive in the Arctic Cat (side-by-side) while she drove.  Hoob, Yawlin, cousin “J”, and the dog rode in the back.  And…we didn’t die!

*Brushing Hoob’s and Huh’s hair one night after they’d taken showers to get the day’s grime off.  Thankfully my teen girls still like Mom to brush their hair–not style it, mind you–but brushing it is relaxing to them.

*Playing rounds of “Blink” with all of the kids, cousins, and my mom.  (Buy “Blink” wherever games are sold.  For 5 or 6 bucks it provides a lot of fun!)

*Watching my dad give “Yawlin” his first lesson on driving an atv.  And…they didn’t die!

*Sitting on the swing, closing my eyes, and just listening.  Birds, squirrels, buzzing bugs, more birds, all the sounds of the woods were there to relax me and help me enjoy the moment.

*Seeing two deer pass by the cabin.

*Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire.

*Finishing my library book.

*Listening to Mack recount the story of the two of us attending an aerobics class and yoga class together one day last week.  The classes kicked my butt and Mack loves to tell how funny I was as I tried to balance on the stupid, over-sized exercise ball but kept slipping off, and how it was nearly impossible for me to do some of the torture yoga moves.  My brother-in-law quipped that I probably looked like what Elaine from “Seinfeld” would have looked like taking an exercise class.  (Okay, maybe this was more of a low-light rather than a highlight.)  Sheesh!

*Taking a walk with Max, the dog.

Max going ahead.

Max going ahead.

Max Charging back to me after I pretended to run back the way we came.

Max Charging back to me after I pretended to run back the way we came.

Max running after Huh and Cousin "C" on the atv's after they passed us.

Max running after Huh and Cousin "C" on the atv's after they passed us.

*Getting to talk to Hub on the cell phone just before he and Squid bedded down for the night in Moab.  They chose a river run as their one-on-one trip together before Squid leaves on a mission for our church.  It was nice to talk to Hub one last time before they tackled the mighty Colorado River and no longer had cell phone service.

*The cousins got to spread out and sleep in the main room of the cabin.

Cousins NOT sleeping.

Cousins NOT sleeping.

*I got to hold and play with my two newest nieces, ages 9 months and 3 weeks.

*The kids were all willing to pitch in and help with meals, dishes, and clean-up.  And…they didn’t die!

*I got to be totally lax in the way I dressed.

My stylin' cabin footwear!

My stylin' cabin footwear!

There was time spent with family, time spent alone, there was laughing and playing, cooperation and visiting, birds and squirrels, sunsets, fire and hot dogs.  For me, it was the perfect cabin weekend!

My to-do list for today before we head to my parents’ cabin for the weekend (in random order):

Pack; do both morning and afternoon crossings; get kids to school; kitchen clean-up; stretch out and take dog for brisk walk; pray, journal, and read scriptures; shower; make bed; vacuum and scrub stair carpet; clean main bathroom toilet; go grocery shopping; call one more teacher for letter of recommendation; email sis the pictures she has requested; buy my dad a birthday present; remind kids to pack a few warm clothes because it might rain in the mountains over the weekend; make sure Huh gets the rest of her graduation announcements finished; laundry; call aunt and tell her that her email order didn’t arrive; charge camera battery; clean out car; gas up the car; make sure to pack dog food this time; ask Mack and Yawlin, who are on meal prep this week, what they want for meals at the cabin; make sure to ask Mack and Yawlin what they want for meals this week before they go to school; create a menu for the weekend; kiss my husband; check to see if we have bug spray; if we don’t have bug spray, add to the grocery list; make sure kids get their chores done; write the kids’ chore lists; kiss my husband again; find time to eat during the day; wipe out the microwave; finish this post!

It is 7:40 a.m.  We are hoping to leave by 4:00 p.m. 

Do I expect too much of myself?  🙂

Enjoy your weekend!