My neighbor posted on Facebook a picture of her son standing by his lemonade stand with a huge grin on his face.  Her caption:  Last taste of summer, 50 cents!

It worked.  I sent my kids to go buy some lemonade.

An old American summer tradition has gone tech!


I think this is the longest I have ever gone between posts on my blog.  Life is super busy right now.  I am hoping to get back to a regular blogging schedule…some day…hoping…dreaming…

Have you been “Phantomed” yet? 

That is a common question around our neighborhood this time of year.  It is a fun neighborhood tradition and I thought I would share it here so that others can start the tradition in their neighborhoods if “The Phantom” isn’t already visiting.   

If The Phantom visits your house, you receive some anonymous goodies, a picture of a phantom, and a note that says:


If you don’t want a curse to be wished on your house, you must make (or buy) treats and deliver them to two houses in the neighborhood.

You only have one day to complete the task.

So hurry!

Post the Phantom on your door until Halloween.  This will ward off the Phantom from haunting you.  Copy this letter and Phantom for each home and deliver them to two families that don’t have a Phantom posted.

Spread the Halloween Spirit!!!

Every October The Phantom visits our neighborhood.  It is a fun family activity to drive around the neighborhood to see which families don’t have a phantom posted and then to make or assemble treats (last year we included some plastic headstones we found at the dollar store with our treats) and then deliver them.  Since our family is so big we usually divide into two groups, each group delivering to a different family in the neighborhood.  Hub and I let the kids do the tiptoeing up to the door.  They ring the doorbell and then run away as fast as they can.  We’ve made it our tradition to have hot chocolate or some other treat when we return from playing Phantom.

It is fun to see Phantoms start showing up all over the neighborhood, and by Halloween most houses have a Phantom posted.

If the Phantom has never visited your neighborhood you and your family might want to invite him yourself.  Be the first to start the tradition and watch it grow!

Happy October!