There is NOTHING like seeing the sun and clear blue skies after several days of cold, dreary weather!

Hmmm…I think I’ll have to spend some time outdoors today…

I received the Sunshine Award last week from joz1234.  Thanks so much!  Read her blog; there is always an interesting topic being shared and discussed.  Since it is March, the month spring is supposed to arrive, and since it is once again an overcast day (spring, please come!), this award came at just the right time.   I could use a little sunshine in my life right now.  I love the picture that goes with this award so much that it has inspired me to go buy a bouquet of spring flowers today.  That will perk our house and spirits up! 
I always tweak bloggy awards to fit our family’s style.  I asked my family members what they do to bring sunshine to the lives of others.  Here are the answers:
Hub – “I give people smiles, even when they may not deserve it.”
Kweenmama – “I like to leave people little notes to brighten their day, or send cheery texts.  Oh, and buy flowers for the house!”
Squid – Unavailable to participate in our family poll while he serves a mission for our church in Uruguay.  I guess you could say he is spreading sunshine in a different way.
Huh – “I spread sunshine to other people with my woven basket filled with rays.”  She is such a goon!
Juju – “You get peanut butter and happiness with some strawberry joy and put it on two slices of love and hand them out in paper sacks at work and school.”  Another goon.
Mack – “I spread sunshine by smiling at everyone.”
Shroom – “Snogging!”  Goon #3!
Hoob – “Smile!”
Yawlin – “I make people laugh when they are sad.”
I am supposed to link to 12 other bloggers, but like I’ve been doing with other blog awards recently, I am leaving it up to you to decide whether or not you want to be tagged for this award.  I read too many fabulous blogs to narrow it down to  just a few!  If you would like to spread some sunshine by receiving the Sunshine Award, go ahead and take it!  And if you would like an official tag from me, let me know and I will be happy to tag you!
The award is working already…as I have been typing this post, the sun has come out!  🙂