My dad built a new deck onto the second story of his cabin.  We used to sleep on the lower deck occasionally until one time, a few years ago, a thieving bear decided to help himself to my brothers’ sodas that they’d kept stashed in a cooler on the deck.  Ever since then nobody has been allowed to sleep outside.  But, with the new deck up out of the way, it is considered safe.  It is the perfect place to sleep out under the stars.

So, when we decided to go to the cabin for the 4th of July holiday the kids all wanted to sleep outside, it was a novelty to them.  I decided to join them for the last two nights of our stay.  Sleeping under the stars is something I haven’t done for quite some time.  I thought it would be fun to experience it again.  The kids talked and giggled, we made up names for some of the star clusters, we watched for shooting stars.  I enjoyed seeing just how many stars there are.  With the absence of city lights, the night sky becomes something new and beautiful.

The two nights spent sleeping on the deck would have been perfect except that my feet kept getting cold.  The sleeping bag I was using had a broken zipper.  Since I couldn’t zip it up my feet were exposed to the very cool breeze that was a constant.  It didn’t matter how cleverly I arranged my extra blankets, I still ended up with cold feet numerous times during the night.  I didn’t get much sleep.

After returning from the cabin and doing all of the post-trip activities such as unpacking and laundry, I was exhausted when I climbed into bed.  The last thought that went through my mind as my head hit the pillow was, at least my feet won’t be cold.  This morning I was thinking about that final thought and I realized what a simple pleasure that was–my feet weren’t cold.  And I slept so well!

A night under the stars.  Warm feet.  A good night’s rest.  Simple pleasures.  I decided to poll my family (and a couple of friends who happened to be hanging around at the time) to see what they considered their simple pleasures.  Here are our results:

Hub – Sitting on the front porch watching the sunset with my wife. (Awww ;-))

Squid – Taking in a sunset with a girl.  (Like father like son!)

Huh – Beating the person next to you off the line at the green light.  (This is the teenage daughter that actually keeps wondering why she doesn’t have a car of her own.)

Juju – Trix cereal and watermelon (not together).

Mack – You bringing me a towel (said to me because there were no towels in the bathroom and she’d just finished a shower).

Shroom – Girls!  

Hoob – Cold cereal and gum (again, not together).

Yawlin – Books.

N – (A friend of Huh’s who was hanging around) sports.

D – (A friend of N’s) Cookie Crisp cereal and soccer. 

Ah, such simple pleasures!