Busy!  But to keep up with my planned blogging schedule (a day late–sheesh!) I post a couple of pics of signs I saw on our trip to New York City. 

Uh oh, I thought about it...


Perfect for teen daughters...

Enjoy your day!

I noticed something while driving near our home and decided to take pictures of what I was noticing and have my family give their interpretations.

Hub – “Somebody was stupid.  They’re putting up new signs but haven’t taken the old ones down.  You put a new sign up, you’re supposed to take the old one down.”  (Can you tell he’s a computer programmer?  SO literal!)

Squid – Unavailable for comment while he serves his mission in Uruguay.

Huh – “This is for the rapidly blinking person.  In case they miss the first one, they can stop at the second one.”

Juju – “People are stupid and don’t know how to stop, so they need a second reminder.”

Mack – “This means that construction workers in Utah are stupid.”

Shroom – “Idiot!”

Hoob – “In case you miss the first sign, you can stop at the second.”

Yawlin – “Stop twice.”

K (Yawlin’s friend) – “Stop even faster.”

And this one…

Hub – “A stutterer put them up.”

Squid – Unavailable for comment.

Huh – “The lower sign is for the vertically challenged.  The higher sign is for the vertically gifted.”

Juju – “Maybe they are blind.  Or there is a dip in the road and they have to stop for both.”

Mack – “We are stop happy!”

Shroom – “Confusion!  Don’t go astray!  Follow the Prophet!”

Hoob – “Stop!  Make sure you don’t turn left.  But stop!  Really!”

Yawlin – “Go the wrong way and then stop.”

K (Yawlin’s friend) – “Go right and stop.”

When we were in Hawaii for a softball tournament in July we saw this sign…

Hub – “Stop for the fish and watch them go by.”

Squid – Unavailable for comment.

Huh – “Stop only if you feel like it.”

Juju – “Colorblind.  In Hawaii.”

Mack – “A colorblind person made the stop signs.”

Shroom – “Yield.”

Hoob – “Someone liked the color blue better than the color red.”

Yawlin – “Oh Hawaii, Hawaii.”

K (Yawlin’s friend) – “Stop faster.”

And, yes, our family is entertained by the simplest things!

Enjoy your day!