Blog 012

Ever had a Saturday like this?  It began at 7:45 a.m…

*Hub drops Shroom off to play in church football games (three of them).

*Mack helps me out by driving Yawlin to soccer pictures/soccer game in my car.

*Hub and I go to a memorial service for his uncle.  We are late.

*While at the memorial service Mack calls to let me know that she and Yawlin are going to go straight from his soccer game to pick up the boutonniere for her homecoming date.

*Mack and Yawlin return home, Yawlin changes from his soccer uniform to his baseball uniform, and Huh drives him to the “parents vs. team” baseball game in Squid’s car. 

*Hub and I return home.  I quickly change and then drive to the “parents vs. team” baseball game.  I am late.  I get to play anyway.  Huh is also playing.  The boys win.  Shhhh…we let them win.

*Huh drives Squid’s car home.  Yawlin comes home with me.  As soon as I walk in the door Mack asks to borrow the car so she can go buy bobby pins for her homecoming ‘do.

*As soon as Mack returns from the store Huh takes my car to meet a friend for a movie.

*Meanwhile, Hoob’s chore for the day is to give the dog his weekly bath.  She decides to take pictures.

Pitiful dog

Pitiful dog

*Juju decides to get ready for her homecoming date at her mother’s house because most of the kids in her group live closer to that house and it makes it easier for her date to pick her up.  Hub picks up Juju’s boutonniere for her.  He doesn’t take a camera, so we don’t get any pictures of Juju or her date.

*I take pictures of Mack while we are waiting for her date to arrive.  She tells me to take a picture of her sparkly toenails.

misc 250

*SkiShop, Mack’s date, arrives and I start taking pictures.  The stupid dog escapes out the front door and decides to explore the neighbor’s yard.  Yawlin and Hoob try getting him back into the house.  He runs away from them.  I call to him.  As soon as he is on the front porch I give him my “look” and say, “Get your little body back in the house.” 

The dog slinks into the house and SkiShop looks at Mack and says, “See.  I told you your mom is scary.”  🙂  (See the previous post about when it was discovered that SkiShop is a little afraid and intimidated by me)

*I continue to take pictures of Mack and SkiShop.

Feet!  Gold shoes borrowed from little sis, Hoob.

Feet! Gold shoes borrowed from little sis, Hoob.

*I follow Mack and SkiShop out to the car…with the camera…still taking pictures.  SkiShop says, “I guess I have to open the car door for her.”

I nod slowly, with a grin.  “Yeeeaaaah.”

SkiShop watches me warily.

SkiShop watches me warily.

*The passenger door is locked, so SkiShop has to go back to the driver’s side to reach in and unlock the door and then walk back around to open the passenger door for Mack.

SkiShop opening the car door.

SkiShop opening the car door.

*As he was opening the car door I heard SkiShop say to Mack, “Your mom is so weird.”  🙂  I’m both scary and weird!  Guess I’m doing something right.

*Yawlin and Hoob leave to go babysit some step-cousins on their dad’s side of the family.  Shroom goes to hang out with friends.  Huh leaves on a date with her boyfriend, Plumber.  Hub and I go out for seafood.

*Later on is the wait for everyone to return home by curfew.  School dances call for a little later curfew, which means I don’t get as much sleep.  And I don’t get to sleep in the next day because I have to get up to put cinnamon rolls in the oven for Mack’s birthday (big 17!) breakfast  before church. 

I was exhausted!

Ever have a Saturday like that?

We seem to have them quite often.