I must admit, I had concerns.  Not just concerns…full-blown worries.  It’s that “mom” part of me.   But, I am happy to report that the kids all did fine while Hub and I went to St. Maarten for our 5th wedding anniversary.

*The house was still standing.  Nothing had been burned.  Nothing was broken.  I DID learn that Huh decided to take care of an ant problem on the patio by pouring gasoline on them and lighting them on fire.  WHAT THE ???!?!  She has resigned herself to the fact that I am tattling on her to her retired fire chief grandfather this weekend and she will get to hear his lecture about fire safety and NOT using gasoline to burn ANYTHING…EVER!  And Huh has learned that younger siblings will tattle. 

*The kids all did their chores–with the exception of Juju who chose to stay at her mother’s house so she wouldn’t have to do chores.  Such a teenage thing to do!

*Everybody got to where they needed to be (Webelos camps, work, birthday party, church).

*The kids didn’t starve, like they were sure they were going to do.  In fact, some of the food I got for them hadn’t even been touched when we got home:

“Hey, why didn’t you guys eat any of the bananas?”

“Oh sorry mom, we forgot they were here.”

“How can you forget they are here when they are sitting right there on the table?”

Silence.  And a sigh from me.

“We forgot about the limes for Brazilian Limeade too.  Oh, and the Cups O’ Noodles.”

Double sigh.

*My ex was in town for the weekend and took three of the kids swimming one afternoon.  Yawlin ended up getting sunburned and was quite miserable by the evening.  When I called home to check on the kids Mack was applying cold wash cloths to the burn while she waited for Huh to get back from the store with Aloe to put on the burn.  I was proud of my girls for taking care of their little brother.

*We had put the word out to neighbors that we were leaving the kids home under Huh’s care and boy did our neighbors step up and “keep watch.”  Some checked on the kids and made sure things were okay.  One even used Facebook to ask how things were going.  One couple brought the kids cookie dough to bake up and some other neighbors invited the kids to Sunday dinner.  And one “cool” neighbor took Hoob driving since she has recently received her Learner’s Permit.

*The dog got fed.  The garden got watered.  The laundry got done.

*No one died!

Yup, I guess our kids have shown us that they can survive while we are gone.  They appreciated the souvenirs we brought back for them.  And then this is what we heard:

“We missed you, but…we want you to go on another trip.  We had so much fun while you were gone!”

So there you have it folks, we have permission from our kids to take another trip! 

Here are a few lingering images from St. Maarten: