Just one of those random activities you do when you read about it in the newspaper.

And our family likes random!

Yesterday after church Yawlin went upstairs to his room to change his clothes.  He soon came downstairs with a filled water balloon and his air-soft pistol.

“I’m going to shoot this balloon,” he announced.

He went outside, gingerly set the balloon on the patio, stepped back a few feet, took aim, and shot the balloon with one shot.

It made us all chuckle because it was so totally “random” as the teens here called it. 

Makes ME wonder what he learned at church…


Reasons I haven’t posted for a while (in random order)

*Fall recess.

*A desire to spend time with my kids during fall recess, instead of sitting in front of a computer.

*A three -day trip to St. George, Utah to check out a condo we want to buy.  Unlike my dream from an earlier post, we drove to St. George.  No commuter flights for us!

*Enjoyed the summer-like weather in St. George.  Who wants to be in front of a computer when there are palm trees around?

*The cream being used to treat my small patch of skin cancer has side-effects.

*My skin became inflamed, sore and unsightly.

*Sometimes the pain made me nauseated.

*Another side-effect–sore back.

*Another side-effect–feeling tired.

*Feeling tired a lot.

*Spent a couple of days in bed.

*Husband, kids, and parents urged me to see my doctor, because the nastiness of my inflamed skin worried them.

*I finally listened and saw my doctor.

*Here’s news…the medicine is doing what it is supposed to do.  The skin is supposed to look and feel that way.


*The doctor let me cut the treatment short one week and begin applying “healing cream.”  This gives me a little relief during the day.  I am functioning again.

*My calling as Young Women President keeps me busy.

*Housework keeps me busy.

*Kids keep me busy.

*No amazingly exciting topics to write about.

*Or, maybe, I’ve been too busy to think about amazingly exciting topics to write about.

Here’s to hoping I can get back to a regular blogging schedule soon…

I usually let my kids figure out how to fight boredom.  They can be quite creative at times.  Here are pics of their latest boredom buster.  It was a Sunday Evening.  The tool being used…a leaf blower.

Juju wasn’t home at the time, and Hub’s and Shroom’s pics didn’t turn out. 

Yes, I tried it too.  Will I be posting my picture?

Not a chance!

As I was driving Mack to school one morning last week, she asked, “Mom, Snow White…is Snow her first name?”  The question was so out of the blue that it made me laugh out loud.  I had no answer for her.  I don’t know if Snow is her first name or not, but the question made me think about and begin to notice other times my family members have done or said something “out of the blue.”  The teens in our family have named off the wall comments and spontaneity “random” or “randomness.”  Is our family more “random” or spontaneous than others?  I think we are probably quite normal, but it is fun to take notice of some of the quirky randomness that does go on in a family.  Here is what I noticed in the week since Mack asked about Snow’s first name:

*After school one day, Yawlin walked backward all the way to my crossing.

*Juju and her boyfriend wanted to freeze her goldfish to see if it would survive.  (I put a quick stop to this activity)

*Mack decided to make chocolate chip cookies for everyone in one of her classes at school.

*Hub took Juju and Shroom to our condo in Moab for a quick weekend trip because the condo wasn’t rented.  My kids had a family baptism on their father’s side of the family, so we stayed behind.    Those who went to Moab decided to try “sledding” down a sand hill.  Shroom came home with a nice scrape on his chin.

*Unknown to me, Mack requested information about a fashion workshop in California this summer (“It’s only $600.00 Mom!”) and she began begging me to let her go after the requested information arrived in the mail. 

No.  She’s not going.  Not this year, anyway.

*Hoob has requested whole grain bread on this week’s grocery list.

*One evening the entire family played three rounds of a basketball game the kids call “Lightning.”  We were quite loud.  Hopefully the neighbors didn’t mind too much.

*Hub plopped the community education catalog in front of me and told me to choose a class the two of us can take together.  I’m leaning toward Dutch Oven Cooking, but there are other classes I’m interested in too.

*Huh has started watching old 80’s movies.

Everything mentioned above was “out of the blue” and not expected.  Spontaneous.  Random. 

And, they all made me smile.

A quick post for a busy day:

*Cooper, the cute puppy, has a new home.  We were firm with the kids about only having one dog.  Mack solved the problem by posting information about the dog in the online classifieds section of a local tv station and sold the puppy the very same day–at a $60.00 profit!  I guess if she couldn’t keep the puppy, extra money was the next best thing.  She went shopping the next day and came home with a new skirt, new tights, and new boots.  I just hope she doesn’t start buying and selling puppies on a regular basis!

*Game recommendation:  “Blink” by Mattel.  Two to four people can play it.  Each round lasts 2 minutes or less.  You simply match cards as quickly as possible using color, number, or shape.  It’s quick, makes us laugh, and is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Yawlin and I played it yesterday after church and kept tying each other.   After awhile I decided to snooze by the fire (my favorite place to nap this time of year) and Yawlin and Hoob played the game together.  Buy it if you can find it, your family will love it!

*A great quote I recently found:  “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”  –Mignon McLaughlin


 1.  School started! 

2.  And because school started I baked cookies according to tradition.  The home baked scent of applesauce chocolate chip cookies was heavenly.

3.  Mack informed me that we needed to pick up one of the girls from the neighborhood at exactly 6:55 a.m.  When I asked why we were picking her up, and especially that early, Mack told me that she’d promised to help the girl learn her way around the high school.  [A bit of history here:  The girl is extremely shy, is new to the school, and lost her father 18 months ago to cancer.]  Yes, I am proud of my daughter for reaching out and helping another.

4.  Remember Ryan?  We met him on our trip to Florida last summer.  We have kept in touch with him for the past year, continually inviting him out to Utah.  He finally took us up on our offer and is flying out today to spend the weekend with us in Moab. 

Yesterday Hub shot Ryan an email telling him that we were sorry, but would have to cancel the trip because we didn’t think Ryan was going to have enough fun.  He ended with a smiley face [ 🙂 ].  The first part of Hub’s statement startled Ryan–picture him thinking about his air fare and hotel cost for tonight–and then he finished reading the statement and realized Hub was teasing him.  🙂  Ryan gets in this afternoon, plans on seeing a little of SLC on his own, and then will join us tomorrow morning as we get ready to head to Moab as soon as the kids get out of school.  Everyone is looking forward to seeing our Florida friend again.

5.  Have you ever discovered a random picture saved on your camera?  A picture that you didn’t take?  That happened to me yesterday.  Obviously the picture was taken by one of the kids, though I have no idea which one. 

misc 142

Yeah, yesterday was a pretty good day. 

I have a gazillion things to accomplish before we head to Moab.  Enjoy your weekend!

Trying to get a bathtub unclogged took most of my time yesterday, thus preventing me from posting on my blog.  The stupid clog is still there.  Any suggestions?  Besides calling a plumber, I mean. 

In the meantime, I will type some random stuff from our family to yours:


Squid got to use his very first credit card for the very first time last week.  He considers it a milestone and announced it to the whole family.  I told him I would make a note of it on my blog.  And just what did he use his credit card for?  A car repair.  And not just any car repair, mind you, he used it to fix the funny noise his fan was making.  And what was causing that funny noise?  Dog food.  Yup, dog food.  And just how did the dog food get in there?  That is the mystery, although the mechanic speculates that it was mice trying to store a supply of food.  

I was relieved to see that it wasn’t the type of dog food we feed our dog; I don’t want to be dealing with a mouse problem–ever!  It most likely came from Squid’s mom’s house.  The mechanic says Squid is lucky.  He’s seen food and other packing materials stuffed so tightly into car engines by mice that the engine has burned up.  

Squid knows to pay the balance on his card off in full when the bill comes.  He just thought it was cool when the mechanic got to “run” his card.  As for the mouse food storage…the critter(s) will have to start over in some other car.


Mack returned to school last week still feeling a little lousy from her tonsillectomy.  Slowly the pain in her throat has subsided.  Yesterday she felt so good that she decided to wear flip-flops to school.

Me:  “You’re wearing Flip-Flops in February?’

Mack:  “Well, I don’t have to go outside at all once I’m at school.  I’ll be fine.”

The vice principal spotted Mack at school wearing her flip-flops.

Vice principal:  “You’re wearing flip-flops in February?”

Mack:  “Well, I don’t have to go outside at all now that I’m here.  I’ll be fine.”

And so, the teen habit of wearing summer clothing all winter long is alive and well.


Hoob and I had to run to DanceWear, Inc. yesterday to get her some “convert-able” tights.  That’s what she called them.  Apparently they are the best type of tights to wear with pointe shoes.  Hoob, of course, waited to tell me that she needed “convert-able” tights for her dance class last night until the last minute.  Never having heard of “convert-able”  tights, and being consumed with unclogging a bathtub, I told her we would make one stop, and one stop only.  If we couldn’t find “convert-able” tights at that one stop she would have to wait until another time to get them.

We walked into DanceWear, Inc. and were met by a very nice store employee.  I asked if they had “convert-able” tights and she immediately led us to a display on the wall.  We were able to find Hoob’s size and left with the “convert-able” tights in hand.  The package says they are Adaptatoe tights.  Convert-able,  Adaptatoe (Adapt a toe), two new “words” for this mom.

As we were driving home, my cell phone rang.  I try to never answer my phone while I am driving, so my kids have gotten into the habit of answering the phone for me.  Hoob picked it up and looked at the screen to see who was calling me.  She burst into laughter and said, “I butt dialed you!”

I glanced over at her.  “You what?”

“I butt dialed you.  My phone is in my back pocket and I must have sat on it weird.  It called your phone.”

I laughed at the term and later on told Huh and Mack about it.

“You’ve never heard of butt dialing, Mom?” asked Huh.  “That term has been around forever.”


Well, at least now the term “butt dialing” has been added to my vocabulary so that I can be a hip mom.

I was decluttering the basket that I keep near my laptop and came across a yellow post-it note with my handwriting on it.  I have no idea when I jotted down the little reminder, or even where I found the information to jot down, but it serves as a good reminder on how to be a good listener.  I type it here on my Friday post so that it can serve as a reminder to others on how to be good listeners, and so that I can throw the yellow post-it note away, thus decreasing some of the clutter in my basket!  A two-fold purpose!  All of blogland gets to benefit from the wisdom of some random note that I wrote at some random time that I don’t even remember, and I can feel good about getting at least one piece of paper out of my basket.

How to be a good listener:

*Listen with empathy.  Don’t give advice (unless asked for it).

*Listen with understanding.  Don’t try to think up solutions.

*Ask questions.  Don’t jump to conclusions.

*Pay attention to the person.  Don’t dwell on the problem.

Okay, go practice on a loved-one.  I’m going to get back to getting ready for the boutique we are participating in this weekend.

A post of random things at the beginning of a very busy week:

1.  We accidentally stumbled upon one way to get teenagers to clean their room.  If your daughter has happened to ask a boy to an upcoming girl’s choice dance, and if she did that asking by filling his room with balloons, posters, and confetti, then make sure to casually ask, “I wonder if Bryce is going to answer you by doing something to your room?”

I asked that magic question and watched Huh get a look of total panic on her face (you would understand that look of panic if you had visited her room in the past few months).  She then went into action.  All last week Huh decluttered, rearranged, and cleaned her room.  It looks one hundred percent better.  And bonus of all bonuses, Hoob liked what Huh’s room looked like and decided to declutter, rearrange, and clean her room!  When is the next girl’s choice dance???

Note:  Bryce did answer Huh, but he didn’t visit her room.  Instead, our doorbell rang at exactly 12:06 a.m. Sunday morning.  Sitting on our front porch was a cute stuffed lion and a poster that said, “I’m not LION, I would love to go to the dance with you!”  Huh was thrilled and even claims that she’s not disappointed that he didn’t do anything to her room.  She says it’s kind of nice to be able to see her floor.  Imagine that!

2.  We are looking for ideas on ways our family can serve others this holiday season.  We want to help our kids look outward and focus on others instead of themselves.  Hoob has already had the opportunity to help at our local food bank with her youth group at church and both Hoob and Huh went with me when our Relief Society took homemade slippers to an assisted living care center.  Those individual chances of service are great, but we are looking for ideas on things our entire blended family of nine can do.  If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below.  Thanks!

3.  Every May and November I scrub the carpets in our house.  May is when I move furniture, wipe down base boards and do the deepest cleaning.  In November I simply scrub the high traffic areas in each room but don’t move the furniture.  I just like to have the carpets looking nice for the holidays.  Soooo, with scrubbing carpets, teaching the “Meet the Masters” art program at my son’s school, hosting a demo of the weight loss product I sell at my house this Thursday, helping Hub with some of the orders for his side business, plus all the other tasks that come with being a wife and mother, I’m not sure how posting on my blog is going to go this week.  Hopefully I can still write something every other day, but no promises!

One good thing, two of the seven kids have their rooms clean, so scrubbing their carpets will be a breeze.  Now, how do I get the rest to get their rooms clean?