Reasons I haven’t posted for a while (in random order)

*Fall recess.

*A desire to spend time with my kids during fall recess, instead of sitting in front of a computer.

*A three -day trip to St. George, Utah to check out a condo we want to buy.  Unlike my dream from an earlier post, we drove to St. George.  No commuter flights for us!

*Enjoyed the summer-like weather in St. George.  Who wants to be in front of a computer when there are palm trees around?

*The cream being used to treat my small patch of skin cancer has side-effects.

*My skin became inflamed, sore and unsightly.

*Sometimes the pain made me nauseated.

*Another side-effect–sore back.

*Another side-effect–feeling tired.

*Feeling tired a lot.

*Spent a couple of days in bed.

*Husband, kids, and parents urged me to see my doctor, because the nastiness of my inflamed skin worried them.

*I finally listened and saw my doctor.

*Here’s news…the medicine is doing what it is supposed to do.  The skin is supposed to look and feel that way.


*The doctor let me cut the treatment short one week and begin applying “healing cream.”  This gives me a little relief during the day.  I am functioning again.

*My calling as Young Women President keeps me busy.

*Housework keeps me busy.

*Kids keep me busy.

*No amazingly exciting topics to write about.

*Or, maybe, I’ve been too busy to think about amazingly exciting topics to write about.

Here’s to hoping I can get back to a regular blogging schedule soon…

Huh up to bat.

Huh up to bat.

Since I had to take Huh to the doctor to find out why she’s had a headache for the last seven days, AND I had to take Mack to her ENT specialist for her follow-up visit after her tonsillectomy AND I had to take Juju two pain relievers to school because of bad cramps AND I had to go get the prescription filled for Huh’s (possible) sinus infection AND I made sure to get all of my other taskes done, there was no time for blogging earlier today.  

It is now 8:31 p.m. and I am throwing this post together quickly, just so that I can say I posted today.  On the 26th of  this month it will be my one year blogoversary.  This blogging thing has been a learning process.  I had several posts under my belt before I finally learned how to insert pictures into my posts.  This month I have decided to occasionally post a few pics that could have been included in past posts.

The picture of Huh at bat above comes from my post “Graceful, We’re Not” that was written back in June about our trip to a softball tournament in Steamboat Springs Colorado.  I love her batting stance!  I try to keep our family as anonymous as possible (yes, I AM one of those paranoid people who is just positive some wacko will figure out who we are and come kill us all with an ax in the middle of the night) so the pictures I post won’t show us in any way that we can be recognized.  But hopefully the pics will be interesting anyway.

Enjoy your day!