Here is what I learned today: If you pour ammonia on a live scorpion, it will NOT sting itself to death.

I learned that today because I tried it.  I tried it on a scorpion I discovered on my daughter’s apartment patio…while I was here alone…moving things around…with bare feet.

The ladies who told my daughter, Huh, that a scorpion will sting itself to death if sprayed with ammonia were WRONG!  All that the nasty little critter did was crawl to safety under the wall.  And THEN, a little later, he (she) (it) crawled UP the wall.

Perhaps the trick didn’t work because I poured ammonia on the ugly creature instead of spritzing it nicely with a spray bottle???  But, one would think that if a little spray would make it sting itself to death, having a downpour of ammonia on top of it would make it not only sting itself, but also make it do a dance, perhaps some squirming, maybe even a few flips.  Wouldn’t it?  Nada.  I think all I accomplished was to make it mad…and maybe even vengeful.  I should probably watch my step tonight.

Sooo, an update, sort of.  Mack and I used this memorial weekend to make the 12 hour drive to Huh’s apartment in Phoenix to take her bedroom furniture to her.  She decided not to come home from school for the summer, got herself an apartment, bought a couch, got a full-time job and a DOG.  She’s been sleeping on the couch, which causes her back to hurt, so being the Mommy that I am…I drove her bedroom furniture from our home down to her.  Mack came with me to switch off driving.  Since my ex lives in Phoenix, the girls went to visit their father this afternoon, which is how I came to be all alone at my daughter’s apartment with a monster scorpion.

Since the girls haven’t returned from visiting their father yet, I have decided to spend some time in Blogland.  School put me far behind on posts about our blended family, and there is so much I could have posted about, but it will be too hard to catch it all up.  I will, however, post a few pics here and there from the months I was absent from Blogland.  Here are a few from our family vacation in California in August:

Dance off in the two vehicles on the way to California!

Stuck in traffic

Still stuck in traffic

Trying to keep us as anonymous as possible creates problems when choosing pics for my blog, some of the best pics don’t get posted, but maybe the pics posted will give an idea of the “flavor” of our vacation.

Until next time…

…I’m off to peak at the patio and see if the scorpion has recruited friends in his vengeance…

Because it was a three-day weekend, and because we needed to make some necessary furniture decisions on the condo we are purchasing in St. George, Utah, we spent this past weekend in St. George. 

St. George is typically about 15 – 20 degrees warmer than where we live.  The first day we were there the temps were in the 50’s and gradually warmed up from there.  In other words, it was a nice break from winter for us, and for my brother and his family who were also visiting St. George.  Even though the main focus of the weekend was to decide on furniture, we also made time to relax.  We went to dinner with my brother and his family, visited a park, went to church, and visited Snow canyon. 

Here are a few images from our weekend away from winter…

Maybe he forgot to pay his bill at Pirate Island?

Heading towards Jenny's Canyon

Entering Jenny's Canyon (a small slot canyon)

Looking up from Jenny's Canyon

Yawlin jumps the water at Petrified Sand Dunes

Juju chickens out on jumping the water at Petrified Sand Dunes

Hoob catches my reflection in the water

More reflections

And some scenery…

On our last day there Hoob and Yawlin went swimming in the outdoor pool at the clubhouse…in January!  Yes, it was hard to come back to winter…

…it was a break that we don’t take for granted.

With Christmas shopping that needs to be done, frame and tile orders that need to be completed, and organizing the young women of my ward in doing a Sub for Santa for a 3 1/2 year-old-girl, I am feeling the…stress!  So, I take the lazy way out for today’s post and post pictures that Mack and Hoob have taken with my camera recently.  Mack had to take pictures for her digital photography class and Hoob was just goofing off.  They came up with some pretty nice images, I think.

Old swing...I used to swing on when I was a kid.


My brother's dog, Gus.


While waiting in line on Black Friday.


And, finally, one of the girls took a picture of me snoozing by the fire–one of my FAVORITE places to snooze this time of year.  Max looks like a dog from Hades!

Have a good one!

Another busy day at the Kastle!  I haven’t had time to craft a post, so I am going to post some pictures from our last trip to my parents’ cabin.  We went the first weekend of October and it was the last trip of the season before the water to the cabin was shut off.  Hoob played around with my camera and caught the following images:

Isn’t it fun to see what your kids find interesting?

In October I posted “A Week of Mornings,” in November it was “A Week of Afternoons,” and now in December, I post “A Week of Evenings”–One picture a day showing a picture shot in the evening.

Enjoy December!