With Christmas shopping that needs to be done, frame and tile orders that need to be completed, and organizing the young women of my ward in doing a Sub for Santa for a 3 1/2 year-old-girl, I am feeling the…stress!  So, I take the lazy way out for today’s post and post pictures that Mack and Hoob have taken with my camera recently.  Mack had to take pictures for her digital photography class and Hoob was just goofing off.  They came up with some pretty nice images, I think.

Old swing...I used to swing on when I was a kid.


My brother's dog, Gus.


While waiting in line on Black Friday.


And, finally, one of the girls took a picture of me snoozing by the fire–one of my FAVORITE places to snooze this time of year.  Max looks like a dog from Hades!

Have a good one!

Another busy day at the Kastle!  I haven’t had time to craft a post, so I am going to post some pictures from our last trip to my parents’ cabin.  We went the first weekend of October and it was the last trip of the season before the water to the cabin was shut off.  Hoob played around with my camera and caught the following images:

Isn’t it fun to see what your kids find interesting?

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