Nineteen years ago tomorrow, my beautiful daughter, Huh, was born.  I find it hard to believe she is going to be nineteen (how on earth did I become old enough to have a nineteen year-old????).

In my never-ending quest to make sure my kids learn how to do things on their own, I came up with a birthday gift for Huh that will give her confidence in something she has yet to do–until now.  Huh has flown with us on family vacations, and last year she flew with her softball team to Hawaii for a tournament, but she has never flown alone, or navigated an airport alone.  Tomorrow I am sending her off to Phoenix so that she can spend the week with her father.  And, yes, she is going alone.

She will get to check-in on her own, find security and her gate alone, board alone, maybe converse with her seatmate(s), and then retrieve her luggage on her own.  She can’t rent a car until she’s 21, so that life experience will have to come later.  Her dad will pick her up at the airport and take her back to his apartment.  The two of them have made plans to see the campus of the college he works for.  This is the same college that Huh has taken online courses from since her Senior year of college.  She is now half-way through her sophomore year of college, and just graduated from high school last June!  I’m proud of how quickly she’s moving, but there is a part of me that hopes she will fall in love with the campus and choose to go there, even if it’s only for a quarter.  I would love for her to experience campus life!  Sometimes boyfriends have too much of a pull, hence the reason she hasn’t gone to the campus before now.

But, even if Huh still chooses to continue with online courses, at least she will experience flying alone.  And, bonus, my sister lives in Phoenix and plans on picking her up a couple of times to do things with her family.  All in all, I think this is going to be a great experience for my daughter.  One thing the rest of us are jealous about is that Huh will get out of the icky, cold, inversion weather that Utah is experiencing now.  She even rubs it in that she plans on catching some rays while she is there.  🙂

Happy birthday, baby girl!  I love you!