After a series of cloudy, chilly days here, the sun finally decided to break through the clouds late yesterday afternoon.  The western sun streaming in through the living room window was too much of a temptation.  I took a snooze on the couch–in a patch of sunlight.


When Mack was in Kindergarten we lived in a small town (pop. 8,000) that is about 3 1/2 hours from where we live now.  She developed a huge Kindergarten crush on a boy in her class named Robert.  All we heard about was Robert.  When I asked her what she did at school she told me what Robert did.  When I asked her what her favorite part of the day was, it always included Robert.  If I tried to steer the conversation to other things she would always steer it back to Robert.  Robert was a big deal to my five-year-old daughter.

Tragedy of all tragedies, we moved from that town and Robert had to be forgotten.  Then, yesterday while I was reading the newspaper, I saw that the sports section was listing the state all-star teams for basketball.  I was scanning the pictures and names and happened to see a Robert listed from that small town.  I never knew Robert’s last name, but wondered if the Robert pictured could be the famous Kindergarten Robert. 

When I went to pick up my girls from school I took the sports section with me.  When Mack got into the backseat of the car I said, “Do you remember Robert from Kindergarten?”

Mack looked at me through the rearview mirror and said, “Yeah.”

“Well,” I said, handing her the paper, “see if that is him listed under the 3-A all-star team.”

Mack skimmed the paper and suddenly started squealing and laughing at the same time (something teen girls are very good at).  “That’s him!  That’s him!” she screamed.  “My Kindergarten crush!”

Hoob and I started laughing.  Mack’s reaction was so funny.

“I’m going to use this in my Senior Odyssey report!” said Mack.  “Thanks, Mommy!”

So glad I could help.  🙂

Joy, happiness, pleasure, contentment, cheer–things many of us seem to be searching for but somehow miss the mark.  For the next two weeks I am going to deliberately look for and create joy in my life.  I have always admired joyful people and consider the trait of being joyful a divine quality worthy of emulating and developing in myself. 

For the next two weeks my blogging schedule will change from my normal Monday/Thursday posts to a short daily post reporting on one or two things that brought me joy the previous day.  I might end up reporting on things I am grateful for or those “happy accidents” that happen to all of us that bring us clarification and a new perspective or I might report on deliberate acts on my part to bring joy into my life.  Each day will bring something new.

Today’s report (Joyful Report #1) comes from a deliberate act on my part last night.  Hub had to leave to take care of some things at his parents’ house while they are out of the country serving a mission for our church in St. Maarten.  Juju and Shroom were called away to a dinner at their mother’s house.  Squid serving a mission in Uruguay and Huh attending college out of state left just me, Mack, Hoob, and Yawlin at home.  

I was tempted to let the three kids watch tv and give myself some “alone” time to read and get other things done that I’ve been dying to finish, but instead, I chose to spend the time with my kids.  We try to keep Sunday as a family day around here anyway, so my request to turn off the tv and play a game didn’t receive much resistance.  It was a simple game, one adapted from a book, but we had fun.  We laughed.  We teased.  We ate kettle corn and drank root beer.  And while all of it was going on, I was happy, I was joyful, I was content with my life. 

Mission accomplished.

Until tomorrow…enjoy!

Back in August I wrote a post about a blog I had discovered through a friend.  MaeLynn was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2009.  Today, her mortal journey ended.  It is ironic that I learned of her death on the very day I had planned to start a blog string about joy.  I will start the blog string later but will look for and work to create joy in my life today, because you never know when your journey will come to an end.