Another busy day at the Kastle!  I haven’t had time to craft a post, so I am going to post some pictures from our last trip to my parents’ cabin.  We went the first weekend of October and it was the last trip of the season before the water to the cabin was shut off.  Hoob played around with my camera and caught the following images:

Isn’t it fun to see what your kids find interesting?

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Last month I did “A Week of Mornings” by posting one photo a day for a week.  Each picture was taken sometime during the morning.  For November I am going to do “A Week of Afternoons” and post pictures taken during the afternoon.  I love this time of year and the photo ops are plentiful.  In fact, I love the fall colors so much, I think I will post two photos a day instead of one. 

I urge you to notice the beauty around you, even in the smallest details.  It is a glorious world we live in, and we have a lot to be thankful for.

Enjoy your week!

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