My neighbor posted on Facebook a picture of her son standing by his lemonade stand with a huge grin on his face.  Her caption:  Last taste of summer, 50 cents!

It worked.  I sent my kids to go buy some lemonade.

An old American summer tradition has gone tech!


I think this is the longest I have ever gone between posts on my blog.  Life is super busy right now.  I am hoping to get back to a regular blogging schedule…some day…hoping…dreaming…

The following exchange recently occurred on Facebook:

Juju (my stepdaughter) wrote at 10:20 p.m. – I’M MOVING OUT ASAP!  Last time i’ll ever do the dishes…

L (a friend) wrote:  Wow…bummer

Juju:  Yeah…My dad made me do the stupid dishes and laughed…

L:  haha!  I’m sorry.

Juju:  It’s ok.  I’m moving into a box, I guess.

M.G. (an aunt) wrote:    What…washing dishes???  They never go away.  They follow you like the plague.

Juju:  Yeah, I’ll do my own dishes…Not other peoples.  Psh.

Kweenmama (me):  Ah, methinks we’ve done plenty of YOUR dirty dishes here…

 Juju:  Psh.  I’m making a separate pile of my own dishes!  And they will be handwashed clean.  With soap…


Juju then went and handwashed a bowl, cup, and spoon and placed them on the counter with a note that said, “For Kweenmama.  Handwashed by Juju!”  She showed Hub the dishes and told him about the exchange that had been happening on Facebook for a couple of days.  She told Hub not to put the dishes away until I’d seen them. 

I laughed when I saw the dishes and note.  I wrote on the note, “You missed a spot.”

Juju’s response?  “Psh!  Whatever”

I once wrote a post about connecting with your teens by texting.  The same works for social networking sites.  Know the sites your teens frequent and join them yourself.  Keep things lighthearted and fun.  Comment on their posts.  Joke with them.  You will find that connecting with them on these sites is pretty easy…and fun! 

And you just might learn that they are a little peeved about having to do the dishes!