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I’ve been playing with this idea for some time.  This week I am doing something I don’t usually do.  I am posting daily.  But what I am posting is simply going to be photos.  One photo per day.  And the photos will have all been taken in the morning.  It’s going to be a “Week of Mornings.”

Today’s photo was taken yesterday morning in St. George, which is where we stayed for my sister’s wedding in Las Vegas.  My grandpa has a vacation home in St. George so we were able to stay for free.  It’s always good to find free lodging with a family the size of ours.  St. George is a two hour drive from Vegas so it was easy to get to the wedding and hang out afterward.

Monday’s Photo:

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St. George is the only place in Utah that you will see palm trees.  The rest of the week I will simply post pictures, but no text.  

Enjoy your week!