I got bored last night.  The job I was assigned to do seemed simple enough.  I was supposed to sit at a table in the hall of Sprucewood Elementary and recruit parents to be lunch recess volunteers.  The other tables seeking volunteers were getting more action than mine.  I guess parents are more interested in helping with the Reflections Contest or cutting up bananas for “Books and Breakfast” than they are in monitoring the playground and halls during lunch recess.  To entertain myself, I started to jot down snippets of conversations I overheard as people passed me.  One line per conversation:

“Have the kids all run at the same time.”

“You said two hours and I said thirty minutes.”

“She said, ‘Did I wake you up?'”

“I’ve never caught one that far.”

“We’re making sure life goes on.”

“But it’s outside.  It’s kinda nice.”

“You’re chasing all those kids.”  Followed by, “Well, you have six of ’em.”

“No, you know me, I’m quiet on everything.”  Followed by laughter.

“So, uh, did you have to actually haul him out?”

“She’s got a bag of carrots too.”

“It’s a big step for us.”

“I’ll do it if I can do it with my partner.”

“Did you try calling me a few weeks ago?”

“Isn’t she in her forties?”

“Have you ever been hit by a softball?  It’s not very fun.”  (This one caught my attention because I have been hit by a softball.)

“He’s his own boss.”

“You guys goin’ every Saturday?”

“He’s three times the size of Cooper!”

“He slept constantly.”

“If I’m not teaching that night I can probably help.”

“There’s a muscle that is supposed to pull it down.”

“It set him off.”

“Has there been any talk about the east west division?”

“If they fall out they’re not supposed to swim either.”

“Turn it in before my brother’s wedding.”

“I love that face!”

“Do you cut his hair?”

“I didn’t know if I was supposed to drop it off and leave it for someone to pick up.”

“It’s okay until about three quarters of the way up.”

“No!  One more?  Oh!”

“He’s a vegetarian.”

“Anyway, he fell out of the boat…”

“Years ago my daughter, Jade, told me my hair was black.”

“She’s trying to talk me into it.”

“You know, that teacher appointment thing works so awesome!”

“David missed the first day of school because he got really sick.”

“Our toenail wasn’t doing well.” 

Kinda gets the imagination going, doesn’t it?

So, that’s my post for the day.  I’m heading out the door to my daughter’s softball tournament.  I know there’s not much substance to this post, but softball calls…