Yesterday after church Yawlin went upstairs to his room to change his clothes.  He soon came downstairs with a filled water balloon and his air-soft pistol.

“I’m going to shoot this balloon,” he announced.

He went outside, gingerly set the balloon on the patio, stepped back a few feet, took aim, and shot the balloon with one shot.

It made us all chuckle because it was so totally “random” as the teens here called it. 

Makes ME wonder what he learned at church…


A twofer today!  #1 – Mack’s fashion sewing class had a mini-fashion show yesterday.  Each student was supposed to make one outfit for a child and then use that child as the model in the fashion show.  Because Mack’s teacher has been so impressed with Mack’s talent, she gave her the added challenge of making the outfit without a pattern–just make the whole thing up.  Mack was up to the challenge and created this darling princess dress:

Mack’s teacher also asked her to have models for the two costumes she made in the fall:

Little Bo Peep and her sheep

As a mom, it was very satisfying sitting back and listening to others praise my daughter on her accomplishments in this class.

#2 – Yawlin was in a silly mood yesterday as he walked up to my crossing after school.  He was munching on mini-marshmallows left-over from his lunch.  He tried sticking a marshmallow on my hand-held stop sign, but I kept dodging him.  He decided to do one better and stick the ‘mallow on the stop sign on the corner.

Made me chuckle.  🙂

And, yes, the ‘mallow was still there this morning.