I’m busy enjoying my time with my daughter who is visiting during her college spring break, which means not much time for blogging.  For my Thursday post I simply recommend a blog I recently found called It’s Not About Dying.  The author of the blog lost his beautiful daughter to cancer some years back and is now writing about it on his blog.  If you have time, start reading from his very first post (he just started last month) called Chemical Therapy. 

You will be touched.  You will count your blessings.  I promise.

Once upon a time I set the goal to post every Monday and Thursday on my blog.  But, life happens and I haven’t had the time to post recently.  I have ideas for posts in my mind.  I have pictures I want to post.  I miss reading the blogs of others.  But, sometimes there are more important things that demand my attention–things like kids, and school shopping, and kids, and housework, and kids, and church callings, and did I mention kids?

I hope to get back to my regular blogging schedule soon…

I had not planned to post today, but there is a blog I follow occasionally that I think is worth mentioning (when I am not doing my church calling, or taking kids school shopping, or cleaning mirrors and windows).

I first became aware of MaeLynn’s Journey when a friend from my ward posted the link to her friend’s blog on facebook.  MaeLynn is the mother of 5 children and was diagnosed with cancer in June 2009.  Hers has been a journey of faith, strength, and gratitude for the love of family and friends.

If anything, the blog will help you put your own problems into perspective–and make you want to go hug your kids!

Count your blessings!