Two years ago it was Mac-n-cheese and a side of peas.  Last year it was sloppy joes.  This year I made spaghetti for breakfast on April Fool’s Day. 

My family accepts this tradition I have started, even if they don’t relish the meal.


While I was looking for photo ops for “A Week of Mornings” I also paid more attention to my morning rituals.  Each morning I wake about 30 minutes before the family so that I can have some “me” time.  I use the time for journaling, praying, and reading scriptures and other inspirational materials.  Once “me” time is over I walk through the house and open blinds, I light a few candles or open windows (depending on the time of year), and I get things ready for breakfast.

It is breakfast preparation that got me thinking about this post.  This is a household of cold cereal lovers.  If I let them, my family would have cold cereal every single morning.  I like them to have a bit of variety in the mornings though, so I have deemed it “cereal day” only every other day.  On the “off” days we have something other than cereal.  Sometimes I fix omelets, or crepes, or pancakes.  Other mornings I simply place on the counter some bagels and cream cheese or  oatmeal packets and toast.  As long as it’s not cold cereal it counts for the “off” days. 

 Today was “cereal day” so everyone munched down on their cereal of choice.  Tomorrow we will be having eggs over-easy, bacon, toast, and juice or milk.  Wednesday we will be back to cereal.  Thursday I am fixing french toast.  And Friday?  Yup, cereal.  I haven’t decided Saturday’s breakfast yet.

This system works for us and gets everyone eating the most important meal of the day.  Even more important than the food is the time spent with the family before everyone heads out the door for school and work.  I think breakfast with the family is a great way to start the day! 

I am interested in hearing how others do breakfast.  Do you have a system in place?  Or is it a free-for-all in the kitchen?  Maybe you skip breakfast?  I would also love to receive any yummy breakfast recipes you have.  We love to try new recipes!

Enjoy your day!