Today is anniversary #6 for Hub and I, and I have spent it doing a group presentation for one of my classes and turning in a paper for another…and being sick and in bed. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬†At least the weekend is close. ¬†If I don’t feel like going out tonight for our anniversary we can always do something over the weekend…provided I feel better.

Let’s hope I do!

A mini story from St. Maarten:

On my first morning in St. Maarten I enjoyed the view from my window…

View from our bedroom

It was a lazy morning of breakfast on the deck and lounging on the deck…

Looking out at the deck

One view from the deck

Another view from the deck

Lounging on the deck

It was wonderful to be lazy and not worry about grocery shopping, leaking appliances (we have three appliances back home that decided to start leaking all at the same time just days before we left), phone calls about shirt orders with melted zippers and holes in hoodies, and the dog barking at all the wrong times.

I read on the deck.  I snoozed on the deck.  I took pictures from the deck (all the while hoping the sun will come out at least one of the days we are here so that I can get pictures of how blue the water looks when the sun is out). 

After awhile, though, I got a little restless on the deck.  I wandered inside and saw that Hub and his parents were still trying to fix something on one of the computers. 

See…we are staying in St. Maarten with Hub’s parents who are serving a mission for our church here.¬† Hey, the lodging is FREE.¬† Who wouldn’t take advantage of such a situation??!?

Since the computer was still the main focus of attention of the other three occupants of the house I decided to explore the yard.

I took a picture of the street…

…and some pictures of the house…

The view behind the house

Coconut tree in the yard

Since lounging seemed to be my lot for the day I decided to do some lounging in the chair I found in the yard…

Chair in the yard (redundant, yes?)

I took a couple of pics of the view from the chair…

As I lounged in the chair down below in the yard and took pictures I saw a coconut on the ground.¬† Now, finding a coconut on the ground is not something one can do in Utah so, naturally, I thought it was pretty cool.¬† In fact, I said out loud, “Cool!”

I scooped up the coconut and carried it into the house where I found Hub and his parents still staring at the computer in rapt attention.¬† I plopped my finding in Hub’s lap.¬† Hub made a sound that sounded like, “huhooomph!”¬† And then he laughed when he saw what I had plopped in his lap.

That caught the attention of the others and my father-in-law jumped up and said, “Come with me.¬† I’ll show you where you can find more of those.”¬† He took me back out to the yard and proceeded to show me how to get coconuts from the tree in the yard.

A few minutes later Hub came out and decided to give it a try.

I took cover because I needed to! 

We went from this…

To this…

Hub and Father-in-law broke a couple of them open and poured for a drink!

We poured it over ice and added sugar and banana flavoring for a yummy drink we sipped on…the deck.¬†

I had come full circle! 

But, the coconut adventure seemed to break the spell of the computer and after enjoying our refreshing coconut-banana drinks on the deck we all decided to take a walk.

We got barked at by two dogs who could have jumped the stone wall and chased after us, but thankfully, they didn’t.

We ended up walking along the beach, which was now too dark to take pictures.  We wandered past diners at seaside restaurants, and couples in lounge chairs, we cut through a hotel area and ended up at a French restaurant (on the Dutch side of the island)  where I got to try a three-cheese quiche and some ratatouille.  It was delicious and our server, Patrick, got the best tip from Hub that he has ever given, because he felt he was that good!

The breeze was pleasant as we walked back “home” and we settled in for the night.

And so, my dear friends, here is the moral of the story…

If you are ever on vacation with your husband for your 5th wedding anniversary and he gets stuck doing what he does every normal day of his life (i.e. computer stuff), then go on the hunt for a coconut and drop it on his…coconuts…and see if you can scare up an adventure!

Go on a picnic with your spouse.

That’s my suggestion for this post.¬† Picnic with your spouse.¬†

Tuesday Hub and I celebrated our 4th anniversary.¬† Since I was still experiencing weird health issues we didn’t plan much to celebrate the day.¬† I didn’t want the day to go by without an acknowledgement of some sort though, so I suggested a picnic in a nearby park.¬† We got soup, salad, and bread-sticks from Olive Garden, found a secluded shady area, and spread my favorite picnic blanket out before kicking off our shoes and settling down to our meal.

Whenever I started to feel ill I simply laid back and closed my eyes for a bit.¬† You can’t do that in a restaurant!¬† The idea was perfect for the circumstances.¬† We reminisced.¬† We chatted and joked.¬† We chuckled about the fact that a lot of our friends on Facebook are celebrating their 14th, 19th, 20th anniversary, and we posted that we were celebrating number four.¬† Woo hoo!¬† ūüôā

Hub surprised me with a piece of raspberry chocolate cheesecake, which we shared at the end of the meal.  We relaxed and gazed up at the leaves over our head and talked of the past and the future.  We even closed our eyes for awhile and dozed, until a group of preschool kids came around looking for bugs.

The entire outing lasted for an hour and a half.¬† It was nice.¬† I hope we do it again…soon.¬† If you get the chance, whether you have anything to celebrate or not, have a picnic with your spouse.¬† Reconnect.¬† Enjoy.


With the help of Valium I survived my MRI without tearing apart that expensive piece of medical equipment (where can¬†I get a supply of that stuff?¬† It was great!¬† ūüėČ ).¬† I also wore the heart monitor for 24 hours like a good girl.¬† I turned the monitor in yesterday.¬† Now we wait for results.¬† I hope that the doctor can get a diagnosis soon so that we can fix whatever is wrong.¬† In the meantime, I am going to see if I can at least get a load of laundry done before feeling too dizzy.¬† Take care!

One year ago today I started blogging.¬† It has been so much fun and is now my favorite hobby.¬† I wanted to run a contest to celebrate (and I still might), but today I am teaching Elementary students about Pablo Picasso and don’t have much time.¬† I am dashing this post off on a quick break before I head to the first grade classroom.¬† One of the things I do periodically is check my blog stats and one of my favorite things to check is to see how people have found my blog–what they have “googled.”¬† Most of it is pretty blah, but occasionally there is an interesting phrase.¬† Here are a few I have jotted down over the past year (I kind of wish I had checked that particular stat more often):

*fat guy with BYU shirt  (I have never talked about overweight men OR BYU on my blog)

*Why do people crunch potato chips so loud?  and Annoying potato chip crunching.

*married to a buffoon (I promise, dear, I have never referred to you as a buffoon!)

*sound of obnoxious kid

*stupid rituals of days gone by (should my feelings be hurt?)

*consequences that suck (did my kids try finding my blog?)

*waitress piggy back ride

*I eat everything with BBQ sauce

*Do the you

*vacuum – how does it work? (something I have to continually reteach my kids regarding their rooms!)

*I heard a Holy Ghost foot soldier (just what IS a Holy Ghost foot soldier? And what does one sound like?)

Okay, my cubism lesson calls.  Enjoy the day!

When I think of going on vacation I usually envision a tropical paradise with palm trees and beaches.¬† Since I live far away from any ocean, it’s to the ocean I want to go when I get to vacation.¬† Hub, on the other¬†hand,¬†doesn’t care if he ever sees another beach.¬† The beach simply isn’t “his thing.”¬† As a couple, we have learned to compromise on vacationing.¬† Sometimes it is my destination of choice.¬† Sometimes it is his.¬† When it comes right down to it, it doesn’t really matter where you vacation as long as you get to spend time together as a couple or as a family.¬† Building memories is what is important.

In keeping with my blogoversary goal to post pictures that could have been posted in past posts I am now going to post a few pictures from our anniversary trip to Moab, Utah last June.¬† Obviously there won’t be a palm tree or beach seen in any of the pictures.¬† But, we enjoyed being alone together and¬†memories were made.¬† We had so much fun together that I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

View of Moab from the Sunset Grill

View of Moab from the Sunset Grill

The first night there we ate at the Sunset Grill, a cute little restaurant that sits on a bluff above Moab.¬† The food was good, the conversation even better.¬† The next day we rented ATV’s and rode the Chicken Corner’s Trail.¬† We took along a picnic lunch and¬†were on the trail most¬†of the day.¬†¬†I am hoping that the pictures I post won’t make us too identifiable¬†(ax murderers, ya know!).¬†

Hub near one of the rock formations.

Hub near one of the rock formations.

Shall I jump into the Colorado River?

Shall I jump into the Colorado River?

On the way back from our picnic we stopped at Catacomb Rock to explore and take some pictures.  We have decided it is a place we definitely have to let the kids explore sometime.

One view from Catacomb Rock

One view from Catacomb Rock


Another view at Catacomb Rock

Another view at Catacomb Rock

The trip was wonderful, because, as I wrote in my post last summer, it helped to solidify my love for my husband.¬† Moab was his destination of choice, not mine.¬† But it is a place he visited often when he was growing up and is, therefore, a special place to him.¬† And now, it’s a special place to me too.

And, to end this post…one more picture of Hub…couples should learn to laugh together too, right?¬† If I don’t post ever again, you will know that Hub killed me for posting this pic.¬† ūüôā

No caption necessary

No caption necessary

Huh up to bat.

Huh up to bat.

Since¬†I had to take Huh to the doctor to find out why she’s had a headache for the last seven days, AND I had to take Mack to her ENT specialist for her follow-up visit after her tonsillectomy AND I had to take Juju two pain relievers to school because of bad cramps AND I had to go get the prescription filled for Huh’s (possible) sinus infection AND I made sure to get all of my other taskes done, there was no time for blogging earlier today.¬†¬†

It is now 8:31 p.m. and I am throwing this post together quickly, just so that I can say I posted today.  On the 26th of  this month it will be my one year blogoversary.  This blogging thing has been a learning process.  I had several posts under my belt before I finally learned how to insert pictures into my posts.  This month I have decided to occasionally post a few pics that could have been included in past posts.

The picture of Huh at bat above comes from my post “Graceful, We’re¬†Not” that was written back in June about our trip to a softball tournament in Steamboat Springs Colorado.¬† I love her batting stance!¬† I try to keep our family as anonymous as possible (yes, I AM one of those paranoid people¬†who is just positive some¬†wacko¬†will figure out who we are and come kill us all with an ax in the middle of the night) so the¬†pictures I post won’t show us in any way that we can be recognized.¬† But hopefully the pics will be interesting anyway.

Enjoy your day!

Our honeymoon was two days spent in Tampa and then a¬†seven day cruise in the Western Caribbean.¬†¬†Our first anniversary we spent in Cancun.¬† The second anniversary we celebrated a little early and went to Orlando for a friend’s wedding.¬† This is anniversary number three.¬† Kids’ schedules and Hub’s work restraints left us only a weekend to spend alone.¬† We chose to come to our condo in Moab, Utah.¬†¬†

Moab has gorgeous scenery and plenty to do, but for some reason it has never been my number one choice of vacation destinations.¬† I tend to overlook what is in my own “backyard.”¬†¬†But, no more.

Yesterday we rented ATVs at 8:00 a.m. and spent the entire day exploring the “Chicken Corners” area.¬† Around almost every bend was a beautiful view.¬† We brought along a picnic lunch and ate it at a¬†breathtaking overlook of the Colorado River.

I could go on and on in attempting to describe the scenery and the wildlife we saw, but the real reason the day was special to me was because I got to share it with my husband.  Hub was so happy riding the trail.  Many times he stopped and pointed out a ridge or a trail and shared memories from his childhood.  His family took many trips to Moab when Hub was growing up and it is a place he truly loves.

Hub wasn’t aware of it, but I was watching him.¬† I was watching him and loving how his face would light up as he pointed out certain landmarks.¬† He would smile as he told of jeeping at Elephant Hill.¬† He laughed when he remembered how his dad had once pulled a bunch of sagebrush onto a trail in an attempt to block it as a joke and how the next people to come along in a jeep only paused for a second before plowing right through.

Hub shared memories on Friday night as we ate at Sunset Grill sitting high on a ridge overlooking the city of Moab.¬†¬†Last night, on a whim,¬†we decided¬†to drive one and a half hours to Grand Junction, Colorado for dinner.¬† On the drive Hub shared memories¬†of times he spent with his own kids in the Moab area.¬† Though I shared some memories of my own, most of¬†the time I spent listening…and loving.

Sharing memories from the past was important to my husband.  Spending the weekend together doing something he enjoys built a memory for the future.

A good memory.