Today’s post is going to simply consist of a run-down of Hoob’s birthday happenings.  It has to be a quick one because I am committed to spending the day with her.  So far today we have…

*Gone to breakfast at IHOP (her choice).  Just the two of us.  She is the only one who gets to choose between breakfast or lunch for a one-on-one meal with me on her birthday.  All of the other kids have birthdays during the school year and so are limited to a one-on-one lunch so that they don’t miss any school.

We both “heard” crepes calling our names.  She tried the Danish crepes, and I tried Swedish.

*Went birthday shopping.  She requested art supplies and cake decorating supplies this year, so we were able to do all of the shopping at a craft store.  She chose some fun stuff and seems excited to expand her hobbies.

*I surprised her and took her shopping for new shorts and capris.


For her birthday lunch, Hoob has requested spring rolls and for dinner she has requested spaghetti.  Mack, who is on meal prep this week, will be making the spaghetti and the birthday cake. 

The other big thing to accomplish today is to go get Hoob’s Learner Driver’s Permit. 

I feel the gray hairs starting…


Not sure I’m ready for this.


Happy birthday baby girl!  I love you.