I have two weeks left for this block of my graduate studies.  And they will be two weeks from Hades.  Time to take a break from blogging so that I can focus on my school work (and my family, of course).



Yesterday I returned from our ward (congregation) Girls Camp.  With my call as Young Women President comes the annual summer girls camp.  Last year it was a stake camp (all wards in our geographic location) and lasted for five days.  This year it was only three days, but I still came home exhausted (and a little stressed about all the school work I haven’t done).  But even with as tired as I feel, the camp was a great success!  The girls and leaders had fun, unity was forged, and many expressed feeling closer to God.

Though I came home with almost 500 pictures I can only share a few here to allow for anonymity.  Our theme was a “Survivor” theme–“Look to Me and ‘Survive.'”  Most of the usual camp activities occurred.  We did a craft, went on a hike, played games, acted silly, enjoyed the scenery and the wildlife, but it did rain both evenings which prevented us from having campfires and roasting marshmallows.  It also made it too wet to go on a snipe hunt, which was a bit of a disappointment to the older girls.  😉

Here are a few pictures that perhaps give a bit of taste of what camp was like…

Inside one of the cabins

One of the girls put my hair up into a "drill team" 'do

Appetizers for dinner

A visitor

Service project

The best part for me was being at camp with my daughter, Hoob.  She really blossomed in a leadership position AND she received the award for being the funniest.  🙂

I will take these experiences any day…whether school work gets done or not.

Our 4th of July weekend included SNOW…

The snow was a short 20 minute drive from the cabin.  Lest you think the snow was the only sight at the cabin…

It was a great weekend!  And we made sure to remember the reason for the holiday…

We are heading to the cabin for the holiday weekend.  Here is what I hope to accomplish:


*Games with my family

*Get some great pictures

*Work on the second paper that is due for my Language Acquisitions class


*Take a walk with my husband, hand in hand

*Ride the atvs

*Enjoy the stars

*Make s’mores

*Make dutch oven peach cobbler

*Roast hot dogs

*Snooze in the hammock

*Introduce my parents to the tv show Psych (we got my dad the first two seasons for Father’s Day)

*Did I mention RELAX?

*Picnic lunch in the woods

*Read (school assignments and for relaxation)

*See the fireworks in Evanston, WY

*Enjoy an ice cream cone while watching the fireworks

*Oh, and I can’t forget–RELAX!

Enjoy your Independence Day!

What made my heart melt this week?  My son.  A hug from my son.  A hug and tears from my son.

Yawlin returned this weekend from spending 2 1/2 weeks with his dad.  He had a great time with his dad.  They swam every day (almost a necessity in Phoenix), they went fishing, they barbecued, they took pictures and played games.  Any time I sent a text asking how he was doing Yawlin always said he was doing well and having fun.

Yet, even with all the fun he had, when Yawlin walked through the front door on Saturday afternoon and I squealed and rushed forward to give him a hug, my tough 11-year-old couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

Which proves the truth:  No matter how much fun one has…it is always good to get home to mom.  😉

And boy did that hug feel good!


Today is anniversary #6 for Hub and I, and I have spent it doing a group presentation for one of my classes and turning in a paper for another…and being sick and in bed.  😦  At least the weekend is close.  If I don’t feel like going out tonight for our anniversary we can always do something over the weekend…provided I feel better.

Let’s hope I do!

I have a dad who loves me unconditionally.  No matter what mistakes I make, silly things I do, things I overlook, he loves me and accepts me.

I have a dad who taught me how to fish, camp, and ride an atv.

I have a dad who supported me through my divorce.  He strengthened me.  Buying little things like tires for my van or sheet rock for my home helped more than he realized.

I have a dad who loves to be around my kids.  There is just something about a Grandpa who will take the time to joke around with teenagers.

I have a dad who actually does the dishes!

I have a dad who has been a great example of forgiving others and moving forward.

I have a dad whose yard is magazine perfect.  Unfortunately, that particular talent didn’t get passed down to me.

I have a dad who isn’t afraid to be silly or have fun.

I have a dad who is bald–but that’s just because he thinks too hard!  😉

I have a dad who tenderly takes care of my mom when she is ailing.

His jokes can be a bit extreme, he sometimes cleans up our plates before we are finished eating, he can get involved in a tv show so much that he tunes the rest of us out, and it all just adds to who “Dad” and “Grandpa” is.  We wouldn’t take him any other way.

I love you Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!