Our youth conference was a great success!  Unity was built, life lessons were applied, feelings and testimony were shared, encouragement was given, and everyone had fun!

Activities included team building challenges, a ropes course, individual challenges, a dance, and games.

There was humor, food, and other youth groups.  Everything a good youth conference needs!

Allowing for anonymity…here are a few images from our youth conference:

Three-way volleyball

Heading to the challenge course

"Crossing the wires"

The "flying squirrel"

He made it!

Flag tag

Ultimate scoop ball

SPRAY crab soccer

Giant Twister

Sharks and lifeguards

Trying to get warm...

...the "cinnamon roll hug" works better!

One more game before other youth groups show up

33 youth, 10 adult leaders, and one conference host had a blast for three days!

I was happy to be there with Mack and Hoob.  It would have been nice to have Juju and Shroom there too, but their mother sent them to Europe instead.  They are apparently having fun.  Shroom sent Hub an email this morning telling how he and a friend tried using French “pick-up lines” on French women in France.  It didn’t work for them, though, because they were reading the lines from a book.  Ah, the antics of 16-year-olds!

Time to get ready for the next “event” of our summer…