I have a dad who loves me unconditionally.  No matter what mistakes I make, silly things I do, things I overlook, he loves me and accepts me.

I have a dad who taught me how to fish, camp, and ride an atv.

I have a dad who supported me through my divorce.  He strengthened me.  Buying little things like tires for my van or sheet rock for my home helped more than he realized.

I have a dad who loves to be around my kids.  There is just something about a Grandpa who will take the time to joke around with teenagers.

I have a dad who actually does the dishes!

I have a dad who has been a great example of forgiving others and moving forward.

I have a dad whose yard is magazine perfect.  Unfortunately, that particular talent didn’t get passed down to me.

I have a dad who isn’t afraid to be silly or have fun.

I have a dad who is bald–but that’s just because he thinks too hard!  😉

I have a dad who tenderly takes care of my mom when she is ailing.

His jokes can be a bit extreme, he sometimes cleans up our plates before we are finished eating, he can get involved in a tv show so much that he tunes the rest of us out, and it all just adds to who “Dad” and “Grandpa” is.  We wouldn’t take him any other way.

I love you Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!