Back in September we started the process of buying a condo in St. George.  It has been a roller coaster ride of dealing with banks, but FINALLY last week we closed on the condo.  It is ours!  🙂

Our hope is to rent it to vacationers when we are not using it just like we do with our condo in Moab.  Last week we received word from our realtor that there is a couple who would like to rent the condo the first weekend in June if we can have it furnished by then.  And so began the rush of shopping for furniture.  A moving sale at a local furniture store provided some great deals and so we bought most of the furniture there.

Hub and Shroom were unloading the new furniture, which included a new tv, into our garage when they saw two men walk by peering into our garage as they went.  They had never seen these men before and the way these men were looking at our garage unnerved both Hub and Shroom.  “I want to get the furniture out of our garage and down to St. George as soon as possible,” Hub later told me.

Two nights ago Mack came home from a late babysitting job and was unable to pull the car into the garage because a red car was parked in the driveway.  There was a man sitting in the driver’s seat.  Thinking we had a visitor and that the man was simply waiting for someone in the house, Mack parked the car on the street and came to let me know she was home.  When she saw that both Hub and I were in bed she let me know about the car in the driveway.  When I checked, the car was gone.  I pulled my car into the garage and went back to bed.

At 12:24 a.m. the house phone rang.  It was Huh who had been out on a date.  “Mom!  There is some guy watching our house!  Look out the window.  You will see him sitting in a white car in front of the house.”

Sure enough, there he was.  I kept Huh on the line and she began a tale of returning with her date to see a white car backed into our driveway, but as they approached, the car drove away.  Thinking it was weird Huh told her date to follow.  For about 20 minutes it became a game of cat and mouse as the white car would find a place to park near our house and then would drive away when he became aware of Huh and her date.

Finally, the person in the white car must have been spooked because he drove away and didn’t come back.  Huh came into the house and we proceeded to double-check all doors to make sure everything was secure.   Before I went to bed I left a kitchen light on and Hub’s home office light on, just so it would look like someone was up.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night.  Every little noise woke me up and I was constantly peeking out the blinds to make sure the white car hadn’t come back.

Yesterday my parents came and loaded the furniture into their covered trailer and hauled it down to St. George.  Hub left a little while later to join them.  This afternoon, as soon as school is out, my kids and I will follow.  It is a relief to have the furniture out of the garage.  I have called a few neighbors to have them keep an eye on our house while we are gone for the weekend.  I have made sure to mention our night with the red and white cars.  The words the neighbors have used as I have described the night to them are “weird” and “strange” and “boy that was pretty bold of the person in the white car!”

For me, it was just plain scary.