My son, Yawlin, has been fascinated with water balloons lately.  He fills balloons and then thinks of different ways to break them.  He has tossed them in the air, played catch with them with a sister, shot them with his air-soft pistol, poked holes in them to see how long it takes for the water to drain, put tape on one and then poked it with a needle to see if it made the water drain more slowly, he even froze one to see what would happen.

Big sister, Hoob, noticed this fascination and proposed a new game for the two of them to play.  They each hide a water balloon in their room and then, over the course of the week, they secretly search each other’s room to find the balloon.  If they find the balloon they get to take it to the backyard and “kill” the balloon in any way they please.  They call this game “Balloon Assassin.”

Hoob was the first to succeed in assassinating a balloon.  Yawlin determined to find a much better hiding place the second time around.  So far Hoob hasn’t found Yawlin’s second balloon.  It is funny to see one or the other sneak around trying to find a balloon.  Yawlin even enlisted my help the other night in searching Hoob’s room while she was at the gym.  We had no luck.

The thing I like about this game is that my high school sophomore is paying attention to her 5th grade little brother.  Anytime an older sibling pays attention to a younger, it is a good thing.

I just hope the hiding places aren’t so good that the balloons die a natural death and leak all over!