Text from my son, Yawlin, as I turned on my phone after landing in SLC:  “I just got asked to be someone’s Valentine!”

The handwritten note that accompanied homemade cookies that he showed me as soon as I walked in the door(spelling and grammar left intact):  “Those eyes, those eyes make the stars look like their not shining, your hair falls perfectly without you trying, those I’d kiss them all day long if you’d let me.  So Yawlynn what’s going on!?  your hott!  ha ha so this is for Valentine’s day!  Will you be my Valentines?  Pretty please?  hint…My favorite color is brown!!  Love yaaa hehehahahahahah”

My son’s response to the cookies and note on Facebook that I just discovered a few minutes ago:   ” I just got asked to be someones Valentine ha ha ha ha ha it was awesome i loved it i also got cookies they look YUMMY!! but only they spelled my name wrong (oh well i don’t care!!) so who ever you are yes i will be your valentine!!! thanks for the cookies!!”

So what does a mother do about a note and cookies from an anonymous young person to her 11-year-old son that quotes a song, but leaves the word “lips” out of a most important line, most likely on accident, but fully intending to send the message that they would like to kiss his lips all day long if he would let them??  A note that calls her son hott??!?  And what does a mother do when said note and cookies have clearly pleased her son as evidenced by his excitement as he shows his mother the note and cookies the second she walks in the door from a trip to NYC and is shown by his obvious excitement in his posting on Facebook??

She posts about it on her blog.

And won’t he be mortified when he starts dating in high school and his mother shows the girls this post?  🙂



A post and pics from our trip to NYC to come later…