Because it was a three-day weekend, and because we needed to make some necessary furniture decisions on the condo we are purchasing in St. George, Utah, we spent this past weekend in St. George. 

St. George is typically about 15 – 20 degrees warmer than where we live.  The first day we were there the temps were in the 50’s and gradually warmed up from there.  In other words, it was a nice break from winter for us, and for my brother and his family who were also visiting St. George.  Even though the main focus of the weekend was to decide on furniture, we also made time to relax.  We went to dinner with my brother and his family, visited a park, went to church, and visited Snow canyon. 

Here are a few images from our weekend away from winter…

Maybe he forgot to pay his bill at Pirate Island?

Heading towards Jenny's Canyon

Entering Jenny's Canyon (a small slot canyon)

Looking up from Jenny's Canyon

Yawlin jumps the water at Petrified Sand Dunes

Juju chickens out on jumping the water at Petrified Sand Dunes

Hoob catches my reflection in the water

More reflections

And some scenery…

On our last day there Hoob and Yawlin went swimming in the outdoor pool at the clubhouse…in January!  Yes, it was hard to come back to winter…

…it was a break that we don’t take for granted.