New York Times No. 1 best-selling authors Richard and Linda Eyre wrote an article in today’s Deseret News that I like.  I quote here the last part of the article:

“Life balance is best pursued when we create three areas of priority.  They are family, work and self…

…The first step in obtaining life balance is to spend five minutes each day, before you write down any other plans or think about your schedule, deciding on the single most important thing you can do that day for your family, for your work and for yourself. 

List these three choose-to-dos before listing any have-to-dos.

Even if you do nothing each day except the three key priority items, in a year you will have accomplished more than 300 specific, clearly thought-out things for your family, for self and for work.

Remember that the key lies not in balancing our time equally between the three balance points (although each balance point does need some time each day) but in balancing our mental effort.

And thinking hard enough to establish one single priority for each day will cause your mind to stay aware of all three priorities all day long.

It is the best new years resolution we know!”

I had been wondering what goals to set for 2011.  This article provided my answer!  I am going to do just as it says, and I look forward to it!

Looking forward to 2011!