Last Sunday, as I was opening the door to our church to enter, Shroom threw a snowball at me…and missed.

“Ha!  You missed!”  I gloated.

After church he tried again.  A snowball went sailing past my head as I walked up our front porch.  And again I gloated, “Missed again!”

On Wednesday evening there were seven teenage girls sitting in my kitchen with me sampling various ethnic dishes for a mutual activity.  Side note:  Mutual is what our church calls the weekday activities we have with our youth.  As the Young Women President of our ward, I participate in an activity every Wednesday.  Shroom and one of his friends entered the kitchen and begged for some of the food.  We were kind and allowed them to sample from the dishes representing China, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, and Norway. 

After they were done eating, the two boys left the kitchen and the girls and I continued to laugh about the fortunes that were found in the homemade fortune cookies that two of the girls had brought.  Suddenly a snowball hit me right in the chest sending bits of ice and snow all over our plates, the girls all gasped, and I heard two teen boys run from the house laughing.

Shroom had finally succeeded.

Because he left the house so fast and because I still had guests, there was no going after him.  But, that night before going to bed, I posted on Shroom’s Facebook wall:  Be afraid…be very afraid!

The next afternoon Shroom came into the kitchen looking for a snack.  He saw me and said, “Be afraid, be very afraid, huh?”

I smiled my most wicked smile and said, “Oh yes, you should be very afraid.  I always get revenge.  And it usually comes when you are least expecting it.” 

Shroom got a slightly panicked look on his face and said, “Be nice to me.  I just had three cavities filled today and a bunch of other work done on my mouth.”

Which was true. 

But, I wasn’t done.  Still conjuring up my most wicked of voices I said quietly, “How sad for you.”

Shroom took one look at me, gave a half-smile, and exited the kitchen quickly–without a snack.

Now, I am all talk, and I will probably never get around to getting revenge…

…but it sure is fun messing with his mind!  😉


Updates:  After TWO trips to the emergency room, a failed ultra sound, and lots of pain and discomfort for Mack, a ct scan finally revealed that Mack DID have an ovarian cyst that had burst.  Thankfully the worst is over and she is back to attending school and filling out her college application.

As for my new ‘do…I love it!  I have received many compliments.  I haven’t gotten around to taking a picture of it yet, but even if I do, I’m not sure I’ll be posting it on my blog.  I’ve tried to keep us as anonymous as possible.  I don’t know…I’m still undecided about that one.