Mack hasn’t felt well for the last two days.  Abdominal pain.  Dizziness.  Feeling hot.  She went to school late yesterday and only made it through part of one class before she sent me a text to come back and get her.  As soon as my afternoon crossing was over I took her to an urgent care facility.  The doctor there suspects that Mack has an ovarian cyst.  Swell.  We’ve already dealt with ovarian cysts with Huh, now Mack is going to have them??? 

 There is a slight chance that Mack has appendicitis, so the doctor was going to order an ultra sound for today to check so see which diagnosis is right. 

Still haven’t heard from the doctor so I am postponing the post I had planned for today for another time so that I can call the doctor and get things rolling.

Let’s hope it is nothing serious…