At the very last minute Huh decided to take her purse with her into the restaurant even though she didn’t plan on ordering anything.  Good thing she did, because while she was inside Chili’s enjoying the company of friends from work, a very bold crook used a design flaw in older Hondas to get the locked door open and steal the radio and Huh’s iPod adapter.  He/she also cut off the speaker covers to check out the speakers.  Apparently Huh didn’t have the type of speakers they were looking for because they left them behind.

My daughter is not happy about the whole incident but she can at least joke about it now and has resigned herself to no radio for a while.  Lots of friends have sent her sympathy messages on Facebook.  (Ah, what would we do without Facebook???)

With the holiday season upon us I decided to post about my daughter’s bad luck as a timely reminder to all of us.  This is the time of year crooks commit “crimes of opportunity” such as snatching valuables out of cars and open garages.  My daughter was lucky that she decided at the last minute to take her purse with her, otherwise she could be dealing with a much bigger headache than a stolen radio.  Locking your car door can give you a false sense of security.  Huh’s door was locked and her car was parked in a well-lit parking lot with lots of people coming and going, and still her car was targeted. 

Don’t think that it is only packages sitting in plain sight on a car seat that tempts a crook.  Hiding your valuables in your glove box will not deter a potential crook.  The person that broke into Huh’s car emptied her glove box, tossing everything into the backseat in an obvious attempt to find anything of value.  As you are doing your holiday shopping make sure to put your packages in your trunk and then get them home as soon as possible.  Crooks have been successful at popping trunks open too.    

As for me, I am just grateful that it was only a car radio that was taken and that my daughter didn’t become a victim of a more sinister crime.