Somewhere Mack has either read or heard about using natural ingredients to enhance beauty.  One night she came parading through the house with a mixture of avocado and olive oil in her hair.  She kept it in for 30 minutes and then washed it out and swore that it made her hair feel softer.

A few nights later she again mixed up avocado and olive oil and massaged it into her hair.  Hoob showed interest in trying it but was disappointed to learn that Mack had used the last avocado.  Mack informed her sister that another “hair beautifier” is mixing smashed banana and honey and applying it generously to dry hair, letting it sit for 30 minutes and then washing it out.  Hoob gave it a try. 

The two girls decided to parade past Shroom who was playing a video game.

I wasn’t around to hear the conversation.  I don’t know what selling techniques they used.  But whatever they did, it worked.

That night Shroom was walking around the house with banana and honey in his hair.

Later on, after everyone was in bed, Shroom sent Hoob a text that said, “All I can smell is banana.  It’s making it hard to sleep.”   Since Hoob was already asleep she didn’t see the text until morning.  And it wasn’t until after school that we got a chance to question Shroom about what he thought of the hair beautifier.

“I guess it made my hair soft.  But it smells like bananas.”

Hoob asked, “Didn’t you wash it out?”

“I was supposed to wash it out?  Oh.  I only rinsed it out.”  

Sometimes I wonder if Shroom would want his friends to know the things his step sisters talk him into trying.