Near the beginning of the school year Yawlin reported to me that there was a new boy in his class named Josh.  I casually remarked that he should try to befriend Josh because it is often quite hard to be the new kid.

Then I forgot about the conversation.

Earlier this week Yawlin told me that Josh had called and wanted to come play one afternoon.  I told him that would be fine.  Arrangements were made for today and so this afternoon Josh came home with Yawlin after school.  They grabbed ice cream sandwiches from the freezer and headed out to the trampoline.

Soon two boys grew to four.  When they tired of the trampoline, a “made-up” game with a ball ensued.  They were all enjoying themselves.

Josh’s mom arrived to pick him up after two hours of play.  Yawlin grabbed Josh’s backpack out of our car for him while Josh put on his shoes.  Since I hadn’t yet met Josh’s mom I went to the door to do so.  Her manner was quiet and she kept glancing at the boys.  I could tell she had something to say.  She told Josh to go get in their car.  He started down the walk and then turned back and said, “Mom, are you coming?”

“I’ll be there in a bit.  I want to talk to Yawlin’s mom for a sec.”

Josh went to the car and Yawlin and his other friends resumed their game with the ball.  I introduced myself.  After she told me her name she said, “I didn’t want to say anything in front of the other boys because I didn’t want to embarrass anyone, but I just wanted to tell you thanks for your Yawlin.  He has been a great friend to Josh since he started school.”

I smiled and said, “Oh, I’m glad!”

She nodded and her voice shook, “No really.  It has been a blessing.  Josh was really struggling.  Really struggling for a while there.  And then Yawlin became his friend.  It means a lot to me.”

“Well, we know what it’s like to be new.  Where did you move from?”

“Oh we didn’t move.  Josh was home schooled up until this year.  He was not happy about having to go to school.  It has been really hard for him.”

“How is he liking 5th grade now?”

“He likes it.  He’s getting along great now.  Thanks to your son.”

I haven’t had a chance to tell Yawlin how proud of him I am, he ran off with his friends, but I will make it a point to do so.

That’s my boy!