Our ward Halloween party was last Friday.  It includes a trunk -or-treat for the kids, a chili and soup cook-off for the adults, pictures, and carnival style games for the kids–all held at the church.  The young women are in charge of half of the games.  As the young women president, I got to be in charge of one of the games with the girls ages 16 to 18.  We decided to have a “creature hunt” in one of the larger classrooms in the church.  I share it here on my blog so that others looking for Halloween ideas or birthday party ideas (I did a creature hunt for one of Yawlin’s birthday parties and it was a hit!) can use it.

*We put dark butcher paper up in the windows to darken up the room.  The girls did such a good job that when we turned the lights out it was pitch black.

*We hung green crepe paper from the ceiling in different lengths.  We put the scrap butcher paper on the floor.  We stacked chairs and covered them with sheets.  Basically, we did our best to make the room not look like a church classroom.

*We hid plastic spiders, frogs, snakes, insects, skeletons, bats–creatures around the room. 

*Our final touch was to have a cd player with scary music.

*We allowed the kids to enter the room in groups of two or three.  Each kid was given a mini flashlight to use (purchased from Oriental Trading) in the pitch black room.

*For 60 seconds they used the flashlights to collect as many creatures as they could find.  Whatever they found, they kept.

*After each group, we hid more creatures to make sure there would be enough for all kids to find something.

And, yes, just like at Yawlin’s birthday party, the Creature Hunt was a hit!

I came home with a grocery bag half full of leftover plastic creatures.  I guess I’ll save them for next year…