Hub and I are standing in the airport waiting for a commuter flight to St. George, Utah to go look at a condo we are thinking of buying.  The flight is going to save us from an eight-hour round-trip drive.  What a smart hubby I have!  Taking the commuter flight is going to save us so much time!

I look at Hub and say, “This is a great idea.  And we’ll even be home in time to feed the kids dinner!”

Hub flashes a sheepish grin and says, “Um, actually, I made arrangements for us to spend the night in St. George.”


“We will be spending the night in St. George.”

“But what about my morning crossing?”

“Our morning flight will get us home in time for you to still do your morning crossing.”

Slight panic sets in.  I say, “There are flight delays all the time.  What if our flight is delayed?  There will be no one at the crossing for the kids.  Someone could get hurt.  I could lose my job!”

Hub reaches up and brushes my cheek with his hand.  “Relax.  We will get home on time.”

I wasn’t about ready to relax.  “What about clothes?  All I have is this–”  I wave my arm in front of my body.  “Am I supposed to sleep in this and then get up and wear it again all day tomorrow?  What about my toothbrush?  I don’t have my toothbrush!”

A look of consternation flashes across my sweet husband’s face.

I continue, “What about make-up?  I don’t have my make-up, or a brush, or my hair straightener, or feminine hygiene products!”

Poor Hub.  But I don’t care that I am making him feel bad.  I am angry that I hadn’t been included in his grandiose scheme to keep me over night in St. George, Utah!

“Hmmmph!”  I sit down on a chair not caring that fellow passengers are staring at me.  “Well, at least I now have something to post about on my blog!”

And then…

…I woke up.


I told Hub about my dream this morning.  He laughed.  I told him that if we were ever to take a commuter flight to Saint George, Utah it would be a great idea to save us time.  He said, “Okay, I’ll take credit for the flight, but I’m not taking credit for the rest of it!”

And since I was too busy to post anything yesterday, and since I didn’t have any ideas on what to post anyway, I decided to follow the dream and post…

…the dream.

Enjoy your day!