One of the very first posts I wrote on my blog was about taking care of yourself and scheduling head-to-toe skin checks.  I am supposed to see my dermatologist once a year to make sure there are no new pre-cancerous skin cells.  Well…life gets in the way, ya know?  A year went by, and then another, and though it was always in the back of my mind, I didn’t get around to scheduling my next dermatology visit.

Then a couple of months ago Hub showed me an unsightly reddish-brown something growing on his chest.  I told him he should get it looked at and even offered to make the dermatology appointment for him.  He took me up on my offer and so I called around to find a dermatologist who could see him as early as possible.  Since he was a new patient the earliest anyone could see him was a month and a half out.  We figured that was better than nothing.  Since I was making Hub an appointment I decided I might as well schedule my long overdue visit as well.

In the month and a half wait for the appointment the reddish-brown something  growing on Hub’s chest disappeared.  He kept his appointment, though, and was given a clean bill of health.  The doctor has no idea what was growing on Hub’s chest (I suppose it would be hard for any doctor to diagnose something that has disappeared!).

I, on the other hand, have discovered that I have a small patch of basal cell carcinoma–skin cancer!  We have caught it early and the doctor is hoping that the topical treatment we are trying will take care of it so that no cutting has to happen.  Pray that the topical treatment works…I don’t want any cutting to happen!  There is a 90% success rate with the topical treatment.  The doctor doesn’t seem worried, so I’m not going to worry either.

Had Hub not had that reddish-brown something growing on his chest, I would not have made an appointment with my dermatologist and it would have been much longer before we caught the cancer.  I kissed him and cheerfully told him thanks for saving me!  🙂

And so…if your husband has a reddish-brown something growing on his chest, it just might be a sign that you need to see your doctor!  😉