Here is a fun game we recently played with our youth.  It was a hit, so I thought I would share it here so that others can experience “Garbage Softball” too.

*The game is played using items you can find around home.  Anything goes. 

*Play it with normal softball rules (three strikes, 4 balls, three outs per inning, etc.).  We had a 6 run mercy rule because we weren’t sure how each inning would go.

*Only the pitcher and catcher get regular mitts.  Everyone else in the infield has to use other items from home as mitts (oven mitts, ski gloves, garden gloves, foam #1 hands, etc.).  The catcher also wears an old Halloween mask as the “catcher’s mask.”

*Outfielders have to be three-legged.  We used big hair bands to put around the partners legs to make them three-legged.

*The ball is a tennis ball, the bat is a tennis racquet.

*The batter has to wear reading glasses while batting and while running to 1st base.  Make sure the glasses make the vision blurry enough to make batting and running more difficult than normal.

*From 1st base to 2nd base the runner has to use crutches.  The runner has to use the crutches as crutches, they can’t pick the crutches up and run.

*From 2nd base to 3rd base the runner has to jump into an old laundry bag or gunny sack and hop all the way.

*From 3rd base to home the runner has to loop a giant rubber band around their legs twice and run sideways.

*Provide leaders who run the “handicap” items (reading glasses, crutches, laundry bag, rubber band) back to the original base once the runner is done with them so that the next runner can use them.

*Anything can be used as “handicap” items.  If you don’t have crutches or a giant rubber band, for example, you could use clown shoes or over-sized boots or old skis–basically it is whatever you can find!

*It is helpful if you have one leader as umpire behind the plate and one leader as umpire in the infield to make the calls at the other bases.  One leader can also be scorekeeper.

*Use old pillows as the bases.

*Play for a set time or until it is too dark to see.  Make sure the playing field is a large one, some of the kids can really pound a tennis ball!

We played until dark and then served chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk (it seemed “Septemberish” to us!).  The kids had a blast playing, and the leaders had a blast watching.

Give it a try sometime!