Eleven years ago today I mowed my lawn and didn’t even know I was in labor!  My wonderful son, Yawlin, was born at 4:03 that afternoon weighing in at 8 lbs 8 oz.   And so today I focus on his birthday rather than trying to craft an award-winning post–which I have never done anyway, so there is absolutely no loss!

For his birthday breakfast Yawlin requested crepes with Nutella and bananas (something he has come to love ever since the two of us visited the SLC library a couple of years ago).  I will check him out of school later today to take him to lunch.  His choice of lunch venue?  IHOP!  Last year the two of us went to Zupas.  I was hoping for that again today.  No such luck.  IHOP it is.

For dinner Yawlin has requested Lasagna.  That dinner will be pushed to Friday because Yawlin’s dad called earlier in the week informing me that he would be in town and he asked if he could take Yawlin to dinner on his birthday.  I don’t mind pushing the birthday dinner back a day. 

Yawlin has requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for his birthday cake.  I think Huh has the afternoon off from work today so I am going to ask her to make the cake for him.  A risky proposition considering the cake she made for him last year was quite…interesting.  🙂

Even though the river trip a couple of weeks ago was Yawlin’s birthday present from us, I am going to take him shoe shopping after school today.  When you see your son putting packing tape on the bottoms of his shoes, you know it is time to get new ones!

And so with that…I am off.

Happy birthday Yawlin!