While on our recent extended family trip to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho I took the opportunity to wander outside our inn and poll various family members as I encountered them.  There were 44 of us in all.  I only polled those I happened to run into on that particular night so, no, this poll will not have 44 entries.  I give you their answers in the order that I encountered them.

The question?

What has been the weirdest, quirkiest, oddest thing you have seen on this trip:

*Hoob – “Guymon’s” face.  “Guymon” is my sister’s (sis #3) husband.  He and Hoob teased each other the entire trip.  And the lady with the purple hair and the manly armpits.  Yes, that lady was something to behold.

*Juju – That offspring of the bug that mated with a zebra!  Juju apparently saw a black and white striped bug that freaked her out.

*Hub – Sis #3’s ex-husband saying hi to me.  Yes, sis #3’s ex-husband was in Lava Hot Springs for a family reunion the same time we were!

*Shroom – Hoob swimming.  He claims this is an inside joke between Hoob and himself.  And I’m sure everyone can say that the best thing they saw was my backflip!  Shroom attempted a double back flip off of the highest tower at the swimming pool.  He only made it around 1 1/2 times and landed on his back in the water.  Most people who witnessed it groaned.  And, yes, Shroom says that it hurt when he hit the water.  Teenagers!  Sometimes you wonder if there is a brain in their head!

*Bro #1 – That boxer going down the river!  There was a boy tubing the river who had his dog on the tube with him.  The dog did NOT look happy to be having the experience!

*Plumber (Huh’s boyfriend) – I saw a dog riding on the back of a motorcycle.  He was loving it!

*Huh – A group of four people floating down the river on an air mattress!

*Yawlin – The stores.  Yawlin thought that some of the items in the gift shops were a little strange.  Afterall, who WOULD come all the way to Idaho to purchase Chinese Stars and other Asian weaponry?

*Mack – The drunk man on the horse.  Our second night there the entire family had gathered in  front of the inn to visit and adorn ourselves with glow-in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets (the plan was to play glow-in-the-dark tag, which never happened).  Some guy who had obviously had too much too drink came riding his horse down the street singing at the top of his lungs.  He had another horse in tow.  When he saw our glowing group he stopped and asked if he could have some “glow sticks” for his horses.  Some family members gave him some necklaces which he promptly draped over his horses ears.  The horse he was riding didn’t mind the necklaces, but the horse in tow didn’t like them too much.  She kept trying to flick them off.

*“Marty” (Bro # 1 fiancée) – The not-so-skinny woman at the pool who purposely bent down in front of me so that I had a full view of her behind.  Ick!

*”NA” (Bro #4 girlfriend) – Some guy that offered to buy my kids.  Apparently he offered her $12,000 for her three girls.  What a creeper!

*”Guymon” (Sis #3 husband) – Hoob violently pulling up her pants.  A long inside joke story that would take too long to type up.  It is not as perverted as it sounds.

*Sis #3 – Seeing “Collector” (Sis #2 husband) kiss Guymon at the pool.  It was done in the spirit of goofing off.  Um.  Ya.  Let’s move on to the next answer…

*”JJ” (a nephew–son of sis #1) – The cat that fell out of the tree and landed on Barbara’s (the aunt who owns the inn) car.  The cat clearly had not meant to do it.

*Bro #4 – The people who live here.

*My parents – The chickie poo at the pool who had obviously had breast enhancement surgery and was quite proud of her new look.  She kept swinging them from side-to-side and looking at them. 

*Kweenmama – The lady running down the street wearing a cow apron.

So, there is the Weird, quirky, and odd from our trip.  The next time you travel look for the oddities, it can make the trip that much more interesting!