Ever feel pulled in a million directions by the demands requests of your children?  Read on…and learn!

Hoob:  “Mom, can we go driving?”

Yawlin:  “No, she has to help me with scouting stuff!”

Hoob:  “No, driving is more important!”

Yawlin:  “No, scouting is more important!”

I continue to write my to-do list for the next day, seeming to ignore the “noise” around me.

Hoob:  “Mom!” 


Hoob:  “Can we go driving?  Can we?”

Yawlin:  “Can we finish my scouting stuff?”

Hoob:  “Driving!  Driving!  Driving!”

Yawlin:  “Scouting!  Scouting!  Scouting!”

I calmly add call Cynthia and go to library to my to-do list.

Hoob:  “Mom, pleeeeeaaaase!”

Yawlin:  “My scouting stuff needs to be done.  I have to get it done before I turn eleven.”

Hoob:  “I need to learn how to drive.”

Yawlin:  “Scouting!”

Hoob:  “Driving!”

I start to draw curlicues and smiley faces on my to-do list.

Hoob:  “If you take me driving I will give you a back rub.”

Yawlin:  “If you help me with my scouting stuff I will give you a back rub.”

I look up.

There is silence.  Blessed silence.

I smile, look at Hoob but point to Yawlin, and say, “How ’bout I help him finish his scouting stuff real quick because we were half way through it before we had to stop,”  Yawlin whoops and I continue, “and then I will take you driving.  Does that work for the two of you?”

Hoob:  “Fine.”

Yawlin:  “Yessss!”

Me:  “And I expect to get my back rubs when I get back.”

The scouting stuff was completed.  Hoob got to practice lane changes.  And I got two back rubs.

Yeah, I am the KWEEN!


First there was youth conference, then there was our anniversary trip to St. Maarten, then a quick trip to the cabin, then there was Girls Camp.  NOW we head to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho for a family trip with my extended family.  It has been quite a summer!  I will need a vacation to recover from this summer vacation!  45 individuals will take Idaho by storm on Wednesday.  I am taking my laptop and hope to post at least once, but no promises!