Having recently noticed a running theme in Blogland about “living life to the fullest” and “seizing the moment” and “not missing opportunities” and “being grateful for life” I have decided to pay more attention and see if I am living this running “theme.”  Using our recent trip to my parents cabin over the 4th of July weekend, I am going to chronicle our seized opportunities.  

*The trip itself was a seized opportunity.  Hub took Juju to California for their one-on-one trip and Shroom is off working on a ranch for a little while, so it was going to just be me and my four kids at home for the weekend.  My parents were going to their cabin, so we decided to join them.  We were also joined by one of my brothers and his girlfriend, and a niece and nephew. 

*While at the cabin my daughters decided to seize an opportunity and do my hair by styling it with whatever items they could find in the junk drawer.  They were quite proud of my new ‘do. 

Maybe it will catch on!

*There was the opportunity for the kids to pet a stray horse that my dad saw wandering around. 


*My niece seized the opportunity to ride the horse back to the owner’s place when he came looking for his horse.  And some of us seized the opportunity to follow along. 


*The owner was grateful that we’d found his horse and offered rides on “The Orbiter” that he has constructed for his grandkids. 



*The owner invited me to try The Orbiter with him.  In the spirit of adventure I decided to give it a try. 


He was used to making the thing go…and go…and go.  And he did it fast!  The kids got a kick out of my shrieks, and I’m sure my face looked funny too.  I was relieved when we finally stopped.  But then the owner said we had to “rewind” and he spun us in the opposite direction. 


Boy was I glad when he asked if I’d had enough and I could say scream “Yes!”  

I can say that I am glad that I took the opportunity to try The Orbiter.  The kids enjoyed seeing me give it a try.  But, I can also say wholeheartedly, “Been there, done that!”  No need to do it again!   I’m getting too old for such spinny things! 

*Some of the kids took the opportunity to try the swings on the horse owner’s property. 


*One morning Huh and her boyfriend, Plumber, suggested we go for a picnic at one of the numerous lakes in the area.  As we all discussed it, we decided that the lakes would be too crowded because of the holiday weekend.  So, instead, we decided to take an atv ride to the Bear River for a picnic.  

Max sitting in the side-by-side ready to go on a picnic!

Walking to our picnic spot.

We all got a good laugh when my mom discovered that her sandwich had no meat, just lettuce and cheese. 


*Of course all of the kids seized the opportunity to wade in the river after eating. 

Huh and Mack in the river.

The more cautious kids stay near the bank.

We got another chance to laugh at Mack’s reaction when her flip-flop washed down the river.  Lost forever.  



*There were plenty of opportunities to take pics of thieving squirrels raiding the birdfeeders. 



Contemplating stealing birdseed.

*We took the opportunity to play games together and visit.  The kids explored the area.  We snacked.  And we relaxed. 

So, yes, I believe our weekend followed the blogland theme of seizing the moment and enjoying life and being grateful for the simple things. 

One of my favorite activities at the cabin?  Enjoying the sunset…