A mini story from St. Maarten:

On my first morning in St. Maarten I enjoyed the view from my window…

View from our bedroom

It was a lazy morning of breakfast on the deck and lounging on the deck…

Looking out at the deck

One view from the deck

Another view from the deck

Lounging on the deck

It was wonderful to be lazy and not worry about grocery shopping, leaking appliances (we have three appliances back home that decided to start leaking all at the same time just days before we left), phone calls about shirt orders with melted zippers and holes in hoodies, and the dog barking at all the wrong times.

I read on the deck.  I snoozed on the deck.  I took pictures from the deck (all the while hoping the sun will come out at least one of the days we are here so that I can get pictures of how blue the water looks when the sun is out). 

After awhile, though, I got a little restless on the deck.  I wandered inside and saw that Hub and his parents were still trying to fix something on one of the computers. 

See…we are staying in St. Maarten with Hub’s parents who are serving a mission for our church here.  Hey, the lodging is FREE.  Who wouldn’t take advantage of such a situation??!?

Since the computer was still the main focus of attention of the other three occupants of the house I decided to explore the yard.

I took a picture of the street…

…and some pictures of the house…

The view behind the house

Coconut tree in the yard

Since lounging seemed to be my lot for the day I decided to do some lounging in the chair I found in the yard…

Chair in the yard (redundant, yes?)

I took a couple of pics of the view from the chair…

As I lounged in the chair down below in the yard and took pictures I saw a coconut on the ground.  Now, finding a coconut on the ground is not something one can do in Utah so, naturally, I thought it was pretty cool.  In fact, I said out loud, “Cool!”

I scooped up the coconut and carried it into the house where I found Hub and his parents still staring at the computer in rapt attention.  I plopped my finding in Hub’s lap.  Hub made a sound that sounded like, “huhooomph!”  And then he laughed when he saw what I had plopped in his lap.

That caught the attention of the others and my father-in-law jumped up and said, “Come with me.  I’ll show you where you can find more of those.”  He took me back out to the yard and proceeded to show me how to get coconuts from the tree in the yard.

A few minutes later Hub came out and decided to give it a try.

I took cover because I needed to! 

We went from this…

To this…

Hub and Father-in-law broke a couple of them open and poured for a drink!

We poured it over ice and added sugar and banana flavoring for a yummy drink we sipped on…the deck. 

I had come full circle! 

But, the coconut adventure seemed to break the spell of the computer and after enjoying our refreshing coconut-banana drinks on the deck we all decided to take a walk.

We got barked at by two dogs who could have jumped the stone wall and chased after us, but thankfully, they didn’t.

We ended up walking along the beach, which was now too dark to take pictures.  We wandered past diners at seaside restaurants, and couples in lounge chairs, we cut through a hotel area and ended up at a French restaurant (on the Dutch side of the island)  where I got to try a three-cheese quiche and some ratatouille.  It was delicious and our server, Patrick, got the best tip from Hub that he has ever given, because he felt he was that good!

The breeze was pleasant as we walked back “home” and we settled in for the night.

And so, my dear friends, here is the moral of the story…

If you are ever on vacation with your husband for your 5th wedding anniversary and he gets stuck doing what he does every normal day of his life (i.e. computer stuff), then go on the hunt for a coconut and drop it on his…coconuts…and see if you can scare up an adventure!